A: No. A state motor-voter program and also a san Francisco institution board measure have fueled that false claim.

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A text-based picture on on facebook asks even if it is “all votes native California need to be nullified and also Federal to represent from the State be gotten rid of from Congress for the benefit of all the States?”

The state’s purported offense? “California is registering non-citizens come vote and has refuse to Cooperate v the commonwealth Election truth Program.”

But that message — the same that appeared in a July tweet by the chairman that a nationwide group referred to as Students for Trump — is rooted in false and also misleading information. California is no registering noncitizens to vote, save for one city allowing particular illegal immigrant to vote only in college board elections.

The Sept. 10 picture was shared much more than 22,000 times on Facebook, and also the initial tweet to be retweeted nearly 17,000 times.


Some websites posted a story this summer v the misleading headline that san Francisco was giving “illegal aliens the ideal to poll in elections” — when in reality the measure only affords particular noncitizens the ideal to poll in college board elections, as we created in July.

The measure, which voter approved in 2016, provides all immigrants living in the city who are of legal voting age and also who space parents, guardians or caregivers that a son under the period of 19 permission to vote in institution board elections. The local policy doesn’t permit noncitizens to poll in any kind of other elections, including federal contests — i beg your pardon is the subject of the on facebook photo.

Earlier this year, we debunked a comparable false assertion around California’s New engine Voter Program. That routine is an initiative to rise voter turnout by immediately registering people to vote as soon as they renew or obtain a brand-new license, uneven they opt out.

Critics claimed California would as such register illegal immigrants to vote due to the fact that the state likewise has a measure up in ar that permits noncitizens to obtain special driver’s licenses.

But California officials preserve that only eligible voters would be instantly registered. A spokeswoman for the state’s DMV told us in March that “undocumented Californians are not standard to it is registered to vote and also DMV has programming measures to prevent that indigenous occurring.”

“One instance is the technician is unable to get in information that would allow the undocumented client to register. It is automatically greyed out and also cannot be bypassed,” Jessica Gonzalez told us in one email.

We could likewise find no document of the “Federal election Integrity Program” discussed in the text of the image. The is most likely a reference to the short-lived Presidential Advisory commission on choice Integrity.

The commonwealth commission, produced in 2017 to examine “fraudulent voting” and also other issues, challenged opposition in obtaining voter data from California and other states, part citing involves over voters’ privacy. The panel was dissolved in January, about eight month after it was created.

Editor’s note: znjke.com is among several organizations working through Facebook to debunk misinformation common on the social media network.

Update, Aug. 28, 2019: In late 2018, the California Secretary the State’s office said roughly 1,500 human being — consisting of noncitizens — were erroneously registered to vote through the state’s motor-voter program. The office has said those registrations have because been cancelled, yet this month that announced that six people who to be erroneously registered “due come DMV errors” in reality voted in the 2018 elections. Paula Valle, a spokeswoman for the office, told us none the the individuals wrongly registered were licensees under the AB-60 program, which allows immigrants in the country illegally to acquire a license. 


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