Undocumented people in California have actually an possibility to use for what's called an abdominal muscle 60 drivers' license.

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In a grasp of U.S. States, including California, someone who was born in a nation other than the U.S. And also who has no legal immigration standing in the U.S. Can attain a driver"s license. (The quick term for such a human being is "undocumented." girlfriend might likewise hear the hatchet "illegal alien.")

This short article explains California"s regulation (referred come as abdominal 60, passed in 2013) on obtaining a driver"s patent if you space an undocumented person.

Legal effects of Obtaining a California Driver"s License

Getting a California driver"s license simply means that you are enabled to run a auto within the state that California and to bring an identity card proving that fact.

Obtaining a California driver"s license does NOT provide you any sort of legal status in the joined States. California has actually no power to legalize your U.S. Immigration status—this is a issue governed specifically by commonwealth law. The means, because that example, that you cannot usage your patent for commonwealth identification objectives or to vote in U.S. Elections.

The main reason the California legislature passed this regulation was website traffic safety. It provided various studies finding that roughly one in five fatal crashes affiliated a driver without a ideal license; and that numerous California drivers lacked car insurance.

Eligibility for a California Driver"s License

As an undocumented human wondering even if it is you space eligible for a California driver"s patent without legal condition or a Social defense Number (SSN), the important worry is whether you can satisfy the terms collection out in abdominal muscle 60.

This law requires you to no only satisfy the very same standards as various other prospective vehicle drivers do (for example, knowledge the website traffic laws and having adequate vision), yet to:

be able to prove your identitybe a resides of California, andswear in one affidavit (written statement) the you space ineligible for an SSN and unable to submit satisfactory proof the your presence in the U.S. Is authorized by federal law. This affidavit will not be treated as a windy record.

You will need to supply proof of your identity, such as a passport, consular map (matricula consular), or electoral card.

You will likewise need to send proof of your residence in California, such together rental or lease agreements showing your and the landlord"s signature, mortgage and home utility bills in her name, school, medical, insurance, bank, and also employment records, and so on. View the abdominal 60 Checklist web page of the California department of engine Vehicles (DMV) website for an ext specific guidance on what documents to submit.

If you existing documents in a language other than English, you will need to also submit a certified translation or one affidavit that translation into English.

Application procedure for a California Driver"s License

To apply, you can either do an appointment or show up in ~ one of assorted driver license processing centers.

You will be expected to fill the end an application form, salary fees, and also pass a created exam and possibly a roadway sign test, one eye test, and a driving skills test. Study materials are easily accessible in a number of languages.

For details, check out the ab 60 Driver License web page of the California DMV website.

What an Undocumented Person"s California Driver"s License will Look Like

Your California driver"s license will certainly bear the notation "FEDERAL boundaries APPLY." That means anyone reading it will have a pretty an excellent idea the you are not a U.S. Citizen—but don"t panic. The law additionally forbids discrimination versus people holding an ab 60 license, and also California police perform not, by and also large, revolve over undocumented people to commonwealth immigration enforcement agents.

It remains true, however, the nothing stops commonwealth immigration officials indigenous arresting someone who holds an abdominal 60 license—perhaps after ~ encountering them throughout a home or workplace raid, placing a organize on castle after an arrest and also imprisonment by regulation enforcement, or accessing the DMV files because they are looking for that person.

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Who have to NOT apply for an ab 60 patent in California

Think twice about applying if you have actually a document of driving if under the influence of alcohol or drugs (a DUI) or various other criminal record, have actually been ordered deported (removed) in the past, or have actually used false papers to obtain a previous drivers" license. Consult v an attorney about the risks before applying.

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