The long-awaited bullet train that will bring Californians between Los Angeles and also San Francisco at an estimated speed of 220 mile an hour isn’t slated to start running till 2028, but pricing for the desire ride is already something come speculate about.

According come a research by the Los Angeles Times, the most existing projected fare because that the train, $86 a ride, would certainly still be among the many inexpensive high-speed rail trips on a per-mile basis. When funding for the task was an initial approved, however, tickets to be projected to it is in closer come the $50 range. Fares won’t be totally certain, the course, till the train i do not care operational 13 years from currently (hopefully), despite the regular fare that the bullet train can have a vast hand in its success or lack thereof.

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Though the train is projected to be financially rewarding initially, the Times reported that long-range financial and ridership outlooks aren’t bulletproof for a transit device that will operate without taxpayer subsidies.

Compared to Amtrak’s east Coast local rail and high-speed trains in other parts the the world, the California train is a bargain, also with tickets projected in ~ $86. Turbulent ridership approximates project profits will comfortable cover operating costs, however other transit advocates have actually expressed concern that the train is doing chin a disservice with its current price estimates.

Joseph Vranich, previous president that the nationwide High-Speed Rail association told the Times, “The train will lose money and also require a subsidy. I have not viewed a solitary number that has come the end of the California high-speed rail organization that is credible.”

Amtrak’s East shore rail averages at 50 cents a mile, and often loses customers come cheaper airfare, i m sorry could additionally be a trouble for the California train. Fares between Los Angeles and San Francisco have actually been as low together $68 recently, the Times reported, yet the mean can variety up come $200.

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Marielle Mondon is an editor and also freelance reporter in Philadelphia. Her work-related has showed up in Philadelphia City Paper, Wild Magazine, and also PolicyMic. She formerly reported on communities in northern Manhattan when earning an M.S. In journalism native Columbia University.