If convicted, Nichole Anderson and David Nelson challenge up to a year in prison over their act of vandalism caught on camera..

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The Bay Area white pair who were caught on camera paint over a Black stays Matter street mural have actually been charged through a dislike crime.

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Nichole Anderson and David Nelson were slapped through misdemeanor counts on Tuesday for your July 4 antics, TMZ reports. Viral video shows the pair sparring through activists together Anderson covers up a yellow ‘BLM’ mural with black paint.

The Contra Costa County ar Attorney’s Office stated Nelson straight aided in Anderson’s criminal conduct, so both face multiple misdemeanors.

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In the video, the pair proclaim “all lives matter” and also that obtaining killed through the police is a repercussion of disobedience, znjke.com previously reported.

Today in Martinez- minute after a #BLM mural to be painted, this couple came to repaint over it. The mural organizer says he’s confident the these are the same people that to be antagonizing lock while painting. ~ the vandalism, the mural was quickly saved. #NEWS #4thofJuly pic.twitter.com/1NaPMj8yEb

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The mural was authorized to be painted at the Martinez, California courthouse, but the pair wasn’t having actually it. Lock attempted come erase the tribute v black paint.

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“No one desires Black Lives issue over here, gain the fuck outta here,” Nelson said. “All stays matter, friend fuckin’ punk. The just reason why you space crying that white civilization practice police brutality, civilization were resisting arrest.”

“Don’t have a operation in v the law and also don’t resist arrest, and there won’t be a problem,” that continued.

Anderson and also Nelson space charged with 3 misdemeanor counts, consisting of a hate crime, violation of civil rights, vandalism under $400 and also possession of devices to go vandalism or graffiti, per CBS News.

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BREAKING: The #Martinez couple caught on video painting over the approved #BlackLivesMatter mural on #FourthofJuly room being charged v a hate crime, according to a relax from the #ContraCostaCounty ar Attorney's office. Pic.twitter.com/9L21byNsE1

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“We must deal with the root and byproduct the systemic racism in our country. The black Lives matter movement is critical civil rights reason that deserves all of our attention,” Contra Costa County ar Attorney Diana Becton claimed in a press release.

“The mural completed critical weekend was a peaceful and powerful method to communicate the importance of Black stays in Contra Costa County and also the country. We must proceed to elevate discussions and also actually hear to one an additional in an effort to heal our community and country,” Becton added.

If convicted, the couple face up to a year in ar jail.

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