The American national Standards institute (ANSI) established the typical on measure up square footage, but that’s all it is: a standard. For better or worse, the criteria outlined by ANSI room mere guidelines; no official laws govern the true regulation that a home’s gross life area (GLA). Together a result, symptom arise time and also time again together homeowners attempt the process. Discovering how to calculation square clip of a house deserve to seem more an overwhelming than many might like it to be.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to make certain your specs space accurate, and it’s in your ideal interest to discover it. Knowing how to calculation square footage have the right to save you from making some sizable, high-quality mistakes.

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Why measure Square Footage?

Homeowners have to measure square clip to get precise assessment of their property’s size. The most noticeable reason homeowners will require this details is because that a residential or commercial property value estimation when they sell their house. The square footage will directly influence the purchase price, and it could make a huge difference as soon as marketing the property.

Even if you are not marketing your home, it deserve to still be valuable to measure square footage. Some cities will call for homeowners come disclose this details when applying for renovation or structure permits. Square clip can additionally be useful in the event your building value assessment comes out too high. In these cases, homeowners will want to accurately re-measure their homes’ square clip to obtain their property taxes lowered.


How To calculation Square Feet the a House

To calculation the square feet that a house, friend will require to determine each room’s area and include it together. Conference a couple of tools before getting started: a tape measure, notepad, and calculator. Then, measure the length and also width of every room. Multiplying the length and also width will provide you the area of the room, i beg your pardon you deserve to write down prior to your last calculations. Then, handle hallways and other living spaces in an ext measurable rectangles. Once you space done, add the area of each livable room.

For example, pretend girlfriend live in a ranch house in the shape of a rectangle. The length of the house is 70 feet, and the width is 50. This means to calculate the square footage, you will multiply 70 by 50, leading to a final calculation that 3,500 square feet. That course, no every residence is a perfect rectangle — do it more time-consuming to obtain accurate numbers. That’s why going room by room is often the most valuable method. With the ideal measurements and also some addition, you have the right to still calculate the square footage of your home.

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What Is consisted of In The Square Footage?

In measure up the square footage of a house, it is critical to recognize what can and also can’t be consisted of in the calculations. No every foot that your residence enclosed by walls will count towards total square footage. Instead, you room trying to determine the gross living area — or the livable components of her home. Keep reading to learn an ext about the specifications because that measuring square footage:

Height Requirements

There is one measurement far too plenty of inexperienced “appraisers” forget about: ceiling height. That’s no to say you measure the area as a three-dimensional space, yet rather that the ceiling is one of the criteria I already alluded to. You see, because that an area’s square clip to count in the home’s in its entirety square footage, the ceiling above it need to be a details height. Follow to ANSI’s American national Standard because that Single-Family Residential Buildings, finished areas must have actually a ceiling height of at the very least seven feet, “except under beams, ducts, and other obstructions wherein the elevation may be six feet and four inches.” ~ above the other hand, Angled ceilings must rest at the previously questioned seven feet because that at least half of the room’s full floor area. If the ceiling is at least seven feet because that at least half of the room’s floor area, full square foot calculations should include every area whereby the ceiling is at least 5 feet tall.

Garages, Protrusions, and also Unfinished Areas

No matter how much you may wish your garage was consisted of in the total square footage of your house, it’s not. I repeat, garages are not had in the complete square clip of a property, even if they space finished — that’s due to the fact that they room not the very same level as the residence itself. Similarly, chimneys and window areas room not consisted of in a home’s square footage; not only are they not finished, but they space not on the very same level.

Finished residence Connections

If you have a perfect area connected to the house by a perfect hallway or stairway, the subsequent area might be contained in the home’s total square footage. However, finished locations connected in any kind of other means (like by an unfinished hallway or staircase, for instance) i will not ~ be had in the home’s complete square footage.

Basements & Attics

Basements execute not commonly count towards a home’s gross living area regardless of whether they space finished. Since they are below the rest of the home, basements can not be contained in the complete square footage. That said, homeowners may note the size of a perfect basement in a particular listing elsewhere. On the other hand, attics might be counted in a home’s full square footage if they room finished and meet the height requirements proclaimed above.

Covered, fastened Porches

Covered, fastened porches might be contained in a home’s gross living area if they are finished, and they are heated utilizing the same mechanism as the rest of the house.


How To measure up Square clip Of A House: FAQ

There is a most confusion bordering the square footage of a home, likely due to the fact that of misinformation and also a lack of renowned guidelines. That being said, if something seems unclear, an ext often than not, someone has probably wondered the very same thing. Below are some typically asked questions about how to measure up the square footage of a house.

Finished Vs. Unfinished

Generally speaking, unfinished areas of the home are no to be included to its full square footage. To be included, the area should be finished. For example, you deserve to list unfinished locations — favor basements — together unfinished bonus spaces, as long as you leave them out of the in its entirety finished square footage calculation.

Are Basements had In home Square Footage?

Basements have become the topic of numerous heated discussions surrounding a home’s square footage. At the very least, the answer is, well, yes and no. You see, basements — whether they space finished or not — must not be considered in a home’s total square footage, follow to ANSI. The said, that is completely acceptable because that homeowners to perform the dimension of your finished basement in a separate component of the listing (separate from the home’s actual gross living area). So while today’s criter advise against adding the square clip of a perfect basement come the home’s GLA, there’s no reason you can’t encompass the actual size of it elsewhere in the listing.



Does home Square Footage include Garage?

Whether it’s perfect or not, a home’s gross life area go not encompass the garage. Follow to ANSI, “garages and also unfinished areas cannot be consisted of in the calculation of perfect square footage.” many garages can not count in the direction of the square clip of a home because they space not generally on the very same level together the home; they are usually lower.

How numerous Square Feet are In The mean House?

The average home has around 2,400 square feet. Follow to the U.S. Department of Housing and also Urban Development, the average square footage in 2017 to be 2,426 square feet. In contrast, the median square footage to be 1,660 in 1973. The number has steadily boosted over the decades, mirroring Americans’ desire for much more rooms and also larger homes.

What Is The Square clip Of A 12 X 12 Room?

A 12 X 12 room has actually 144 square feet. Simply put, square feet are calculated by multiplying the broad by the size of a provided room. Every room is then included up to acquire the complete square feet of a house. Things have the right to get complex with include ons and other features that take it away an are from rooms. A great way come overcome any kind of structural issues is to break every room into squares. Look for where wall surfaces line up and divide things in a method that provides square footage easier to calculate. You can then include up your smaller numbers to gain a more accurate total.

Do Closets counting In Square Footage?

Closets do count in square footage, so lengthy as they meet requirements applied to other locations of the house. What I median by this is as lengthy as closets space finished and meet the ceiling height requirements I mentioned above, they will certainly count towards total square feet. The exact same logic deserve to be applied to stairways, which are one more gray area because that calculating residence square footage.

Total Area Vs living Area

The total area describes the full amount of room in a property, when the living area only contains rooms that count on the main heating and air system. Life area is basically another way to speak square feet. Top top the various other hand, total area will incorporate garages, basements, balconies, and any various other spaces that autumn under the exact same roof. The is not uncommon to check out both measurements offered in a building listing or during an open up house.

What Is considered Livable Square Footage?

Livable square clip includes any type of room or an are that offers the key heating and air mechanism in a property. This contains bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and also more. The exact definition of livable square feet might be different from state come state. However, as a basic rule, livable square footage refers to usable, cook spaces in a property. Save this in mind together you calculate her house’s square feet, and ask a realtor or appraiser if you space unsure of her estimates.


Ask The Pros

Learning how to calculate the square feet of a house can be a difficult task. Thankfully, over there are specialists to help you. The is common practice to rental a skilled appraiser to accurately measure her home. Relying on the property’s size, the cost of one appraiser to measure up the square clip can selection from $100 to numerous hundred dollars. When an appraiser calculates the square feet of a house, they also only include locations that are heated and cooled. While two different appraisers will sometimes have different measurements on square footage, over there is usually only a 1-3% variance. Appraisers will execute their best to calculation square clip with clinical accuracy.


Those the know how to discover the square footage of a house lug an inherent advantage in every deal they occupational on. Of certain importance, however, is accuracy. Those who deserve to accurately find out how to calculation square clip of a house stand a much better chance of establish success. At the an extremely least, they will certainly know precisely what they are gaining into (or out of).

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Have you ever run into questionable home measurement calculations? would certainly it have helped if you knew the standards used today? please feel complimentary to allow us understand in the comment below.

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