for a while us were good fans the the “Cake Boss” on television (TLC) showing the amazing creations of friend Valastro and his talented employee – amazing cakes that appeared to be limited only by your imagination and also seemed to taste simply as an excellent as they looked. Eventually we stopped watching as the display seemed come repeat itself and lost it's appeal through the increasingly soap-opera antics that the family. The is no to say we stopped admiring the noticeable bakery skills on display so once we newly visited the big apple, regardless of the bakery being based in Hoboken, brand-new Jersey us were excited to see the acquainted “Carlos' Bakery” sign over a branch really close to time Square.

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The little location ~ above the corner of 8 hours Avenue and also 42nd Street (outside the bus station) attributes a small inside eating area (5 or 6 tiny tables), number of coolers showing their treats and a taped-off queuing area. To order you join the queue then when you with the prior a server through an iPad takes her order i beg your pardon you climate pay for and also collect in ~ the cashiers follow me the far wall surface (a contemporary twist top top the idea that pointing into the case and also having it yielded straightaway).


The menu consists of many classic Italian desserts including their famed cannolis and “lobster tails” (a soft pastry filled through cream). The course, over there are additionally cakes (whole or slices) ~ above offer as well as cookies, cupcakes and croissants. The prices are rather steep – we paid $6.25 for a cannoli and $6.25 for a lobster tail (this adds up easily when there room two of you) – however we were offered a complimentary “Carlo's Bakery” apron as soon as our order reached more than $62. Us did pick up a 1 lb crate of “Italian Butter Cookie” ($21.95), i m sorry looked rather good, because that a gift.


As we were travelling, we took our purchases v us to finally sample as soon as we obtained home. Despite every one of the travelling the cannolis and lobster tails were both very delicious - The cannoli casing was perfectly crunchy yet not greasy no one tasting choose a taco shell, v the for sure ricotta cheese cream pour it until it is full making a good accompaniment. Surprisingly, also after a number of hours the casing had not in any method gone soggy i m sorry is testimony to the quality and richness of the filling. The lobster tails were additionally quite great though fairly ordinary v the exemption of the “salted caramel” which, though not strong on the “salted” side of things absolutely had a the majority of flavour.

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That was exciting that despite some of ours items being dipped in chocolate on the entirety it was no as sweet together you can expect i m sorry is a relief together this strikes me together being a much more authentic experience - Why carry out such treats from the bakery constantly have to it is in so sweet your teeth desire to jump the end of your head?


All in all, despite expensive, friend do acquire what you payment for. Obviously they take large advantage that the television coverage they have received through “Cake Boss” which likewise likely bump up the price (and way they offer a many t-shirts and other memorabilia) however they appear to have maintained their timeless bakery quality and variety of goods.

Rating: “Really good but I have actually some issues”

Cuisine: Bakery

Address: 625 8th Avenue at 42nd Street, new York, NY 10018 unified States

Public Transport:

time Square-42 Street

Location: brand-new York (USA) - Garment District

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