One that this week"s tabloids cases Caitlyn Jenner wants to go ago to being Bruce Jenner. The story is fully false. And Gossip Cop can debunk it.

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According to the Globe, the previous Olympian think "life together a mrs is just too hard," and she"s been having challenge enduring the side results from woman hormone treatments, including cramps and bloating. A supposed source tells the magazine, "She desires to it is in a man again. She foolishly thought being a woman would readjust her life because that the better. But Cait is having crippling doubts around her shift and trying out possibilities to reverse the sex readjust surgery."

The outlet"s alleged insider further contends zener is irritable by her lack of a love life because becoming a woman, and is tormented through doubt over she decision to switch genders. "She"s constantly asking herself, "Why did I perform that?"" adds the look at phony tipster. "The last thing she wants is more hours of ache surgery, but she"s looking right into it to get earlier to Bruce. There"s no romance in she life and also she"s missing Bruce — it"s a hellish combo."

The tabloid"s report is based upon claims from an unidentified and also possibly made-up "source," but Gossip Cop confirm in with Jenner"s spokesperson, that tells us on the document it"s "incorrect." despite what the magazine"s anonymous tipster claims, the fact star"s rep assures us she"s happy being a woman and also has never taken into consideration transitioning back to Bruce.

In one interview v Diane Sawyer nearly two year ago, zener was request if she has any kind of doubts or regrets around her transition. The former Olympic athlete responded, "Never. I never had actually a doubt. All the confusion has left me." her thoughts ~ above the matter haven"t changed.

It"s worth noting the tabloid"s premise also isn"t original. Much more than 3 years ago, Gossip Cop referred to as out the Globe"s sisters outlet, Star, because that falsely claiming Jenner want to become a guy again. The concept wasn"t true then and it"s no an ext accurate now.

Additionally, the outlet states the reality star desires to end up being a male again due to the fact that her love life has stalled, but last July, the tabloid claimed Jenner was marrying Sophia Hutchins and adopting a baby with her. The story wasn"t true either, but it shows exactly how the magazine can"t save its bogus narratives straight.

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In the time due to the fact that Jenner transitioned earlier in at an early stage 2015, she"s made the clear several times that she"s happy with her new life as a woman. There"s zero evidence to suggest otherwise and also any claims around her wanting to end up being a man again are both tasteless and baseless. This is just a non-issue.

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