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Kris Jenner and also Caitlyn zener took a major step towardrepairing your relationship, at least professionally, ~ above Thursday"s Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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The former couple hasbeen estranged following Caitlyn"s change andtell-all Vanity same interview -- the episode mirrors flashbacks to Kris sharing her hurt at few of her ex"s quotes around their marriage and also family-- however they were able to make part progress during the pandemic, many thanks to Caitlyn"s friend, Sophia Hutchins, reaching out come Kris for skilled guidance.

"I can"t think Kris is top top the phone through Caitlyn, almost like nothing has actually ever adjusted -- her manager hat"s right back on," Scott Disick claimed in the episode as Kris offeredCaitlyn and Sophia advice about starting up their own YouTube channel. "It"s a large step froward for your relationship. There was a time the they weren"t even talking, let alone helping and dealing with work stuff...I"m curious if they"re gonna have the ability to have a normal, stable working connection again."

While Kris" daughters, Kim and also Khloe Kardashianalso questioned their mom"s capacity to move forward with Caitlyn earlier in the episode, they to be happy to see her coming far from the communication with a optimistic attitude.

"I"m just proud the my mom for getting to this place of growth where she can be at sight cordial through Caitlyn," Kim noted. "Maybe if it"s just baby steps, she doesn"t have to put the whole thing aside, however she"s able to communicate and also start that small relationship-building."

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"I just want to it is in able to assist somebody if they"re hurting, or in any method need some inspiration," Kris common while talking to Kim and also Khloe in ~ the family"s Malibu holidays home, ~ Caitlyn post her first "Cooking through Caitlyn" video. "And it"s comes from my heart instead of somebody informing me to do it. You simply want someone to succeed, and also she yes, really does have actually a lot come say."

"Even though ns can"t make points magically far better with us, I"m just here to it is in supportive and also I simply want her to be happy," Kris speak the cameras of she ex. "So ns was yes, really happy to market some advice and also encouragement end something the she"s trying to do. I recognize it"s gonna be really great."

Caitlyn spoke v ET last month, wherein she revealed that she would certainly be do an appearance throughout KUWTK"s 20th and final season.

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" really brought my family an extremely close together," she shared."We went v a many together. I think I had probably several of the best conversations v my kids on camera."

"A the majority of times, you know,things happen and as a parent, you"re going, "Oh, I better talk come the kid around that," and you simply don"t execute it as quickly. Girlfriend know, you kind of, it"s uncomfortable, yet with the show, you have to talk come them about it, like, appropriate now, and so ns think the really brought the household much closer."

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on E!. See much more on the final season in the video below.

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