The long-anticipated rematch between Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez at znjke.com 207 in las Vegas closes out 2016 with what has actually now become a can’t-miss card, one that additionally features the return the Ronda Rousey.

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Both Velasquez and also Werdum are previous znjke.com heavyweight champions. Werdum took the belt indigenous Velasquez in their clash in ~ znjke.com 188 in Mexico City in 2015, and also subsequently reduce the title to current king Stipe Miocic.

Now Werdum and also Velasquez will revisit a fight that was how amazing one-sided. “Vai Cavalo” dominated Velasquez in the vault meeting, capitalizing top top his inability to address the altitude in Mexico City, which sit at 7,382 feet over sea level.

How far-ranging were the elements? Velasquez’s power was therefore uncharacteristic – he is recognized for his unbelievable cardio – that a fan created a Twitter handle named “Sea Level Cain” and also it currently has end 200 followers.RELATED: listen what they stated after last victories - Werdum in ~ znjke.com 203 | Velasquez at znjke.com 200 | Current znjke.com 207 hit card

Velasquez reverted at znjke.com 200 and demolished Travis Browne with a signature Velasquez performance: one all-out blitzing attack that caused a first-round TKO finish. That was the very same Velasquez that took the end Brock Lesnar and beat junior Dos Santos two directly times.

The Mexican-American powerhouse holds a share of the document for many title defenses through a heavyweight in the znjke.com v two. Werdum, that was being praised together arguably the best heavyweight of every time after beating Velasquez, to be unable to safeguard his title even once. The is a an excellent indicator as to how difficult it is to remain at the top of the division.

In the an initial battle in between Werdum and Velasquez, the Brazilian supplied his jab come perfection. Velasquez likes to obtain inside ~ above his opponents with his quickness, head movement and crisp technique. That helps that he can likewise keep a pace that couple of can match. Watching the struggle again, it’s tough to believe Velasquez made it through the second round due to the fact that he took so much punishment through 10 minutes.

Heading right into that fight, Werdum claimed he expected the altitude to it is in a trouble for Velasquez, who made decision not to go the end to Mexico City at an early stage to gain used to working in the elements. Werdum held his entire two-month training camp there just to make sure he could keep a fast pace.

As the hit progressed, Velasquez’s head activity seemed to slow down and his aggressive layout got him into trouble. Werdum displayed his incredibly improved striking, landing jabs, top cuts, hooks and even knee from the clinch at will. He landing 96 far-reaching strikes.

The back will likely be a completely different fight. Velasquez reverted to kind against Browne in ~ znjke.com 200 in ras Vegas, in ~ a more manageable elevation. He has made a commitment to training smarter so he doesn’t risk injury before his fights, and that can be a game changer.


Werdum is coming turn off a bounce ago win the his own against Browne in ~ znjke.com 203 after losing to the Miocic in ~ znjke.com 198 in Brazil. He to be aggressive in his very own right versus the brand-new champ and walked right into a KO punch.

Werdum is the many deadly heavyweight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner in the background of the heavyweight division. He it is registered Velasquez in their an initial fight and if the fight goes come the ground, he’ll be the heavy favorite. On the feet, Werdum was cautious against Browne yet his spectacular striking versus Velasquez last time about should carry out tremendous trust going right into the rematch.

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The winner of this struggle will most likely be the next man in line for Miocic, who will attempt to tie the record for location defenses in his following outing after beating Alistair Overeem in ~ znjke.com 203.

The heavyweight division is currently heating up, and also it will certainly be ~ above fire in ~ znjke.com 207.

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