Shark cage diving in Florida puts friend in former of Florida sharks v the protection of a cage. It’s a kind of shark diving and one the the plenty of ways you can do shark diving in Florida – a state with, arguably, the ideal diversity the sharks in the world.

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You’ll usually do this as a half or complete day experience, in which girlfriend depart a home port on a boat, head to a floating shark cage numerous miles off shore and also do one or two twenty minute dives in i beg your pardon you’ll view sharks when you’re in the cage.

Sound simple? the is – and while you likely won’t see good white sharks in the Sunshine State, shark cage diving in Florida can gain you close to hammerheads, bull sharks, mako sharks and also even the strange tiger shark if you’re yes, really lucky. And also you deserve to do that in a job or less.

Shark Cage Diving in Florida: Prices

While there room a selection of shark diving choices in Florida, for cage diving, you’re generally looking at $195 human being in the complying with locations:

Florida Keys – The watercraft leaves from Marathon, Florida. Sharks you might see encompass tiger sharks, hammerheads and bull sharks.

If you’re in the Keys, this is her tour.

Florida is a great place to see bull sharks. Photograph Source: Florida Shark Diving/

Miami – because that shark cage diving in Miami, you can basically take every the trip details the cage diving in the Keys and move them about 115 miles north east. Yup, it’s pretty lot that straightforward – once you go shark cage diving in Miami, you’ll basically see the very same sharks girlfriend would further south. The one large difference? You’re in Miami.

Jupiter – Head quiet an hour north of Miami and you’ll end up in Jupiter, Florida. Yup, the cost is $195, and yes, you deserve to do shark cage diving in Jupiter – arguably the epicenter of shark diving in Florida. The benefit of shark cage diving in Jupiter? girlfriend may have actually a higher chance the seeing additional shark species, like both the good hammerhead and scalloped hammerhead.

You might also see silky sharks, dusky sharks, crackhead sharks, black color tips and/or also a mako shark, if you’re lucky.

Can ns Cage Dive With an excellent White Sharks in Florida?

No. Florida walk not have enough great whites or consistency of seeing them because that a white shark diving operation.

That’s not to speak they’re not out there. Great white sharks have actually indeed been checked out in Florida, and there is some evidence to suggest much more of them are visiting the waters of south Carolina and Florida together well. Yet your chances of seeing a white shark in Florida are really low.

If you’ve gained your heart set on white sharks, in the unified States, your best best is shark cage diving in California. In particular, think about doing a Guadalupe live aboard boat, which is a 5 or 6 day tour and also three days of cage diving v white sharks in ~ Guadalupe Island.

How is Shark Cage Diving in Florida various Than California?

They’re completely different.

Shark cage diving in California is with good white sharks, i m sorry you have the right to do from san Francisco (at the Farrallon Islands) and from san Diego, which walk shark diving at Guadalupe, around 260 miles south of California.

The san Francisco tourism is other you deserve to do in a day, although I suggest you review the evaluate of any kind of Farallon Island shark dive tour prior to you book. And also the san Diego tourism takes you to Guadalupe Island, about 260 miles southern of san Diego, on a 5+ job liveaboard dive boat.

In short, shark cage diving in California is done much off shore, and requires an ext time and also money to gain there. Her reward: few of the best good white shark diving ~ above the world – specifically at Guadalupe.

When you walk shark cage diving in Florida, it’s the opposite. You’re typically just several miles turn off your suggest of departure. The watercraft takes you to a stationary and free-floating shark cage on the water’s surface that continues to be permanently in ~ this location.

Then you go into the cage for one or 2 dives, commonly 20 minutes every dive, and breathe v a snorkel, rather than surface-supplied air from a boat.

You may see tiger sharks when you perform shark cage diving in Florida. Picture Source: Florida Shark Diving/

Florida Shark Diving Has better Shark Diversity

If you want to watch white sharks, head come California. But if you want to check out Hammerhead sharks, walk to Florida. The same goes because that tiger sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, spinner sharks, black guideline sharks, reef sharks, dusky sharks, silky sharks and also a selection of various other species.

California has good whites. But shark cage diving in Florida puts friend in former of a much larger selection of sharks species – and some that the ‘sexier’ sharks at that (I would kill to dive with tiger sharks or hammerheads!).

Also take into consideration that you deserve to do different Florida shark diving experiences. You deserve to swim through sharks, snorkel, scuba, cage dive and/or simply do shark spotting indigenous a boat.

My point? Shark diving in Florida is several of the ideal in the world. At $195 per person, indigenous the Keys, Miami and Jupiter, the won’t rest your financial institution account either.

Cage Diving in Jupiter: A Closer Look

Jupiter is about 85 mile north that Miami. You could speak to it the epicenter the shark diving in Florida. The shark diving is an excellent here, through the ‘big sharks’ you have the right to see in Miami and the Keys, follow me with, potentially, numerous others, consisting of blacktips, sandbar and also reef sharks.

You may also see 2 different varieties of hammerheads (great hammerhead and scalloped hammerhead). The cage is around 3 miles turn off shore.

Bear in mind girlfriend can additionally swim with sharks in Jupiter, along with scuba and also snorkeling options. Because that bulls and tiger shark diving, you’ll probably want to stay with the cage.

Trip Length: about Three Hours

Cost: $195 every Person

What the Brings: Slightly much better shark selection and an ext shark diving options. Objectively speaking, if you desire the best shark cage diving in Florida, I’d lean to Jupiter.

Leaves From: Jupiter, Florida

Learn More: call Florida Shark Diving and ask around the cage diving tour.

Cage Diving in Miami: A Closer Look

Miami is the only big American city the does shark cage diving tours directly from the port. Picture Credit/Big Love to: Ryan Parker/

Jupiter has actually the shark variety. But Miami has, well, Miami. More than that, it’s the just shark cage diving operation based within number of miles the a large American city (San Francisco and also San Diego shark diving takes girlfriend 30+ and 260+ mile from their ports, respectively).

When you go shark cage diving in Miami, you just leave Miami, head the end on a roughly 30 minute watercraft ride, enter the cage and come back again. It’s around as convenient together shark cage diving is going come get.

Miami Shark Tours likewise has shark diving choices in ft Lauderdale, despite I’m not sure if they perform cage diving over there too.

Trip Length: About 3 Hours

Cost: $195 every Person

What it Brings: Miami, infant – and some the the most convenient shark cage diving in the world.

Leaves From: Downtown Miami

Learn More: Speak through Miami Shark Diving

Cage Diving in the Florida Keys: A Closer Look

Shark diving in Jupiter. Picture Source: Florida Shark Diving/

Shark diving in the Florida tricks may be one of the more enjoyable things you have the right to do when in Florida. Sure, you might have slightly better shark-viewing in Jupiter, and Miami is ultra-convenient. However now we’re talking about The Keys, which need no introduction.

The shark diving’s not so negative here either. Execute shark cage diving in the keys and you’ve obtained a an excellent chance of see those large sexy sharks we’ve already talked around (tigers, bulls, hammerheads and makos, among others).

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Combine that through the laidback feeling of the Florida Keys, and cage diving in the secrets should certainly be on your radar if you’re in the area.