Here"s a fast look at Starbucks espresso shots. Check out all the shooting sizes and also caffeine content. Plus, learn about prep alternatives like ristretto, long shots and upside down.

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Starbucks Espresso: fast Facts

Starbucks espresso shot sizes room solo, doppio, triple and also quad.Most Starbucks places offer 3 kinds the espresso: dark, blonde and decaf.The traditional roast supplied for espresso drink is Starbucks signature roast, uneven the cooking recipes calls for blonde or client requests otherwise.Shot alternatives include regular, ristretto or long shots.Ristretto and long shots taste different than a typical shot and the lot of caffeine differs, too.

Starbucks Espresso shooting Sizes

There are 4 sizes that Starbucks espresso shots: solo, doppio, triple and also quad.

As you have the right to see, Starbucks shot dimension names different from various other coffee shops—a solo is like a solitary shot elsewhere. And a doppio is simply a fancier way of saying double shot or 2 shots.

Generally speaking, in the coffee human being a solitary shot the espresso is one fluid ounce and a dual is two fluid ounces.

However, at Starbucks this isn’t the case. In fact, a standard solo shot at Starbucks comes in at .75 oz. Here’s a look in ~ how many ounces the espresso are in each shot size.

Starbucks Espresso shot SizeOunces in continual Shot
Solo.75 oz
Doppio1.5 oz
Triple2.25 oz
Quad3 oz
How numerous ounces the espresso in each Starbucks traditional espresso shoot size

Now, many of us aren’t ordering directly shots that espresso or espresso con panna in ~ Starbucks. Therefore, you can be wondering exactly how much espresso goes right into delicious drinks choose an Iced Caramel Macchiato or White chocolate Mocha.

In fact, the variety of espresso shots that goes right into each drink counts on two things: cup size and also recipe.

To see precisely what i mean, take a look in ~ my Ultimate guide to Starbucks Cup Sizes. Right here you deserve to see how plenty of shots enter hot and also iced espresso drink of all types and sizes.

Caffeine in Starbucks Espresso Shots

Standard Starbucks espresso drinks space made v their Signature espresso roast. Additionally, a conventional pull clocks in about 18-23 seconds.

Unless you customize your drink, this is just how it’s made. And both the type of roast (dark, blonde or decaf) and type of shoot (regular, ristretto or lengthy shot) affect the lot of caffeine in every shot.

As a guideline, a traditional shot that Starbucks signature espresso contains 75mg caffeine. Blonde roast has actually 85mg and decaf has about 10mg more or less.

Starbucks Espresso shoot Options

Types of Shots

Starbucks baristas can pull espresso shots three ways: regular, ristretto and also long shots.

Note the the espresso is automatically dispensed native the device for continual drink high quality from barista-to-barista and also store-to-store.

Here’s a rapid overview of every shot option:

Regular or traditional Shot: A constant solo shoot of espresso in ~ Starbucks takes about 17-21 secs to pull. The produces .75oz espresso and contains around 75mg of caffeine.

Ristretto Shot: A ristretto shot, or short shot, is made with a much shorter extraction time and less water.

My Starbucks barista-insider timed her ristretto shots at around 14 seconds. Ristretto shots create less volume and have a more concentrated flavor. Additionally, they have less caffeine than constant shots.

Of note, Starbucks level white drink are constantly made through ristretto shots.

Long Shot: together you may have actually guessed, a lengthy shot has a much longer extraction time and uses an ext water.

My Starbucks-insider timed her long shots in ~ 46 seconds. Now, you may think a lengthy shot is quite bitter because of the extraction time. But since there’s more water, in reality it tastes a tiny weaker 보다 a continuous shot.

Espresso Roast

Most Starbucks stores have three varieties of espresso bean in the hoppers: dark (Signature roast), blonde and also decaf.

Each roast has actually a different flavor and also caffeine-content profile. Here’s a fast look at every roast.

Dark, Signature Roast: most Starbucks espresso drinks are immediately made through their dark, signature roast.

Unless decaf is ordered, or the drink recipe calls for blonde roast, prefer an Iced Brown sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, dark roast is the standard.

Blonde Roast: Starbucks explains their lightly roasted blonde coffee as “soft, mellow, and flavorful.” It pairs perfectly v honey and also plant-based milks like almondmilk and oatmilk.

Since blonde roast contains an ext caffeine 보다 the signature roast, a few drinks top top this perform of 19 most Caffeinated Starbucks Drinks room blonde roast-based.

Decaf Roast: A lot of decaf coffee drinkers don’t establish Starbucks has decaf. However the truth is there room at least 6 methods to order Starbucks Decaf Coffee Drinks. Girlfriend can also see exactly how to gain Starbucks Decaf Iced Coffee Drinks.

Just so you know, part licensed Starbucks shop (the persons inside other stores), still have old espresso machines. This means they don’t sell decaf.

Shot Prep

Have you ever before noticed the shot prep option when ordering one espresso drink on the Starbucks app? over there you check out one option: upside down.

At Starbucks, choosing the upside down drink prepare method means the drink is made in reverse order than normal.

So, for most espresso drinks this method the espresso shooting will obtain poured end top instead of before milk.

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However, the most typical drink bespeak upside down is among Starbucks caramel drinks—caramel macchiatos.

Normally a caramel macchiato starts with vanilla syrup and also ends through espresso and also caramel sauce. The upside variation is reversed, start with caramel sauce and also ending through vanilla.