Sex and The City is one of my favorite shows of every times. The way they introduced new York to the world was so inspiring and also motivated me to live here one day and also as you know, this dream come true and I’m producing my very own version the the series. The course, is not as glamourous together I great It would certainly be, yet I’m loving It! So, after mine awesome suffer with On ar Tours (they offer remarkable movie and also TV mirrors guided tours) I was influenced to share through you some of the restaurants the were offered as filming areas for the show but that additionally exist in genuine life and also are wait for you! Cuz friend cançt refuse it, those girl knew just how to brunch and also enjoy the restaurant step in NY! so after you salary a visit to Magnolia Bakery, make sure to avoid by one of these listed below to boost your Sex and The City experience! Enjoy! And for much more NY advice make sure to monitor me on Instagram (

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This trendy chinese restaurant situated in the Meatpacking District will certainly take her breath away. The location was provided to filme Carrie and also Big’s rehearsal dinner top top the very first movie. That remembers Miranda talking to huge more than she must have? The location is beautiful and worth the visit. The Buddakan is situated at 75 nine Avenue. Click HERE for the main website.


City Bakery

Aaaah, who remembers when Carrie and Miranda run into the “face girl” at one of the most loved bakeries the NYC? If friend don’t, click HERE to refresh the memory! The location is renowned for that is delicious warm chocolate, croissants, pretzels and also other pastries. Yet for Sex and The City lovers, for its large brownies, that course!. The bakery is located at 3 West 18th Street. Click HERE because that the official website!


Two Boots Pizza

After stalking blacksmith at the raw restaurant Carrie and Miranda end their day eat pizza at two Boots. I uncovered this snapshot HERE to assist you remember the scene! The resolve is 201 W. 11th St., ~ above 7th Avenue. Click HERE for the main website and to inspect the other locations!



This cool tavern is situated in SoHo and had a different name ~ above the show, it to be the Scout bar, co-owned by Steve and Aidan. On the tourism they told us that indigenous 1900-1973 there was a an enig passage because that the police policemans to enter and also leave the plave without being seen and it’s currently used together a winde cellar. They additionally serve Cosmopolitans, for this reason make certain to bespeak one because that a finish Sex and The City experience! The Onieals is situated at 174 cool Street. Click HERE for the official website.



This ar is gonna steal your heart. From the cool texan vibe offer food inspired by the west cowgirl cuisine, the restaurant was provided for a scene whereby Miranda and also Carrie bump right into Steve and also Aidan with their dog and new girlfriends. Yep! The location is fun, serves good drinks and also food and also is a favorite of countless celebrities. The Cowgirl is situated at 519 Hudson Street, new York, NY. Girlfriend can check their main website HERE !

Il Cantinori

The restaurant opened up its doors in 1983 bringing authentic Tuscan cuisine to new York. The restaurant to be the location chosen through Carrie come celebrate she 35th birthday, which never happened, all her friends to be late and also she was compelled to go house alone, dropping the $70 date of birth cake. The Il Cantinori is situated at 32 eastern 10th Street brand-new York, NY and click HERE for the official website!


Tortilla Flats

Looking for fun, delicious tex-mex cuisine and good music? for this reason the Tortilla Flats is the ar for you! it is the location where Carrie drags Miranda and also Steve right into a twin date through Aidan. That course points didn’t walk the method she wanted. Make certain to order the frozen strawberry margarita pitcher because that $40.

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Tortilla Flats is located at the resolve 767 Washington Street. And click HERE because that the official website!