Michelle Wolf’s scathing and controversial comedy set has end up being C-SPAN’s most-watched White house Correspondents’ combination (WHCA) dinner performance video ever.

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In simply three days, Wolf’s remarks racked up an ext than 4.4 million views. That number beat the formerly most-watched performer, NBC “Late Night” organize Seth Meyers, who as headliner in ~ the 2011 correspondents’ dinner ripped then-real heritage mogul Donald Trump, who remained in attendance. Meyer’s video clip on C-SPAN’s YouTube channel has garnered 4.3 million views since it to be posted seven years ago.


Wolf i stopped a whirlwind of dispute with her regimen at Saturday’s media-filled dinner in Washington.

Among the countless quips to which movie critics objected was one aimed at buy it Huckabee Sanders, likening the White residence press secretary, that attended the dinner, to a personality from “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

While number of comedians and commentators have come to Wolf’s defense, chairman Trump

Donald TrumpTrump slams McConnell, claims senator must attend Biden signing ceremony former Trump management aide states she was warned about playing Taylor Swift music in White home Trump deals with legal challenges in keeping files from Jan. 6 committee more called the “Daily Show” alumna a “filthy "comedian" ” who “totally bombed.”

On Tuesday, The Hill announced it is pulling out of future WHCA dinners there is no “major reforms” between the fallout end Wolf"s performance.

The least-watched C-SPAN YouTube video of a correspondents’ dinner entertainer is Jay Leno indigenous 2010, through 280,000 views.

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