Video of the incident has actually been viral because that years.

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Published7 July 2021

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It to be the ideal hook heard round the world.

In July 1969, Buzz Aldrin was part of the Apollo 11 crew that an initial landed on the moon, wherein he and Neil Armstrong made background as the very first humans to collection foot ~ above it.

In September 2002, Aldrin, climate aged 72, landing a beat on conspiracy philosopher Bart Sibrel, who laboring under the false belief that the moon landings to be staged, was liven confronting and also insulting the legend astronaut as soon as it happened.

The incident developed outside a hotel in Beverly Hills, California, and also was recorded on video clip by Sibrel’s crew. Sibrel had actually been attempting to make a documentary film proving the moon landings were fake, follow to news reports at the time.

Aldrin have the right to be heard exclaiming, “Will you get away from me?” while Sibrel, was standing close come him, continues, “You’re a coward and also a liar and also a thief,” when Aldrin’s punch lands with a thud.

The resulting video clip of the event probably had actually the opposite effect that Sibrel was looking for.

Police decreased to fee Aldrin after ~ witnesses come forward stating that Sibrel had physically provoked the by poking him with a Bible and demanding the 72-year-old oath he yes, really did go to the moon. Additionally, Aldrin had declared he was exhilaration in self-defense and in defense that his stepdaughter, who was accompanying him.

Witnesses likewise stated the Sibrel had not just lured Aldrin come the hotel under false pretenses, yet that he had actually repeated harassed Aldrin and also other Apollo astronauts over the years.

Not only was Aldrin no charged, however the video garnered praise for Aldrin, who was watched not just as successfully defending self but likewise as transporting poetic justice to a corrosive, nonsensical conspiracy theory.

In July 2021, the video was posted on the society media platform Reddit, wherein it was again commonly viewed, and where Reddit users reveled in the moment.

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“Can girlfriend imagine going come the moon and then once you get back having some of the stupidest civilization on earth telling you it’s all fake,” one Reddit commenter opined.

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