On this day in 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and also Buzz Aldrin suitable up and also made their means to the Saturn V multi-stage rocket at Kennedy room Center because that their historic journey to the moon. 3 days later, Armstrong take it one giant leap to ended up being the an initial human come walk ~ above the rocky orb.

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Wake up- it's launch day. This day in 1969, the Apollo 11 crew obtained up about 4 a.m. And began preparing for your flight. They had a 9:32 a.m. Rocket to catch. #Apollo50th pic.twitter.com/0xIIJSH7t9

— NASA background Office (

Putting a male on the moon was a nationwide goal collection by President john F. Kennedy on may 25, 1961.

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In his post-flight press conference, Armstrong referred to as the historic mission watched by much more than fifty percent a billion people on television "a start of a brand-new age."




Without expensive astronaut life insurance, the astronauts got an innovative about how they were going to assistance their households if the worst did happen.

The answer: autographs.

According to NPR, during quarantine (about a month before Apollo 11 launched), the famous astronauts signed hundreds of envelopes and gave them to a girlfriend to save.

On large dates, such together the work of the moon landing or the day Apollo 11 launched, your friend would acquire the autographed envelopes postmarked in ~ the write-up office and also give them to the astronauts’ families.

Luckily, those “life insurance money autographs” were not needed.

However, follow to space chronicler Robert Pearlman, those autographs were worth as lot as $30,000 in the 1990s.

11. They had actually to fill out customs and also declaration forms when they returned to the U.S.

Yes the #Apollo11 crew likewise signed customizeds forms. Us brought ago moon rocks & moon dust samples. Moon disease TBD. Pic.twitter.com/r9Sn57DeoW

— Buzz Aldrin (

Just due to the fact that you make it to the moon and ago doesn’t typical you obtain a pass on the dreaded custom-mades forms.

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The astronauts comically provided “Apollo 11” together the flight on their customs form with a exit from “Moon” to Honolulu, Hawaii.

And under “Any other problem on plank which may result in the spread of disease,” the an answer was: “To be determined.”