If girlfriend think majesties Island is AMAZING, shot Kings Island Camp Cedar camping because that unbeatable relaxation, comfort and fun!

Riders plummet under a 300-foot very first drop and also reach accelerates to 91 mph along 5,321 feet of stole track.

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Learn essential information because that what to do before you leaving home, what you’ll see and also experience as soon as you arrive, and also how to make the many of her visit—safely—while you’re here.

The soul of everyone’s favorite season is recorded in an environment of warmth and nostalgia at WinterFest, Cincinnati’s premier holiday event. Choose nights November 26 - December 31.
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Family funny is even much more enjoyable as soon as you’re gaining the many out of your dollar. Saving money at majesties Island is easy when you understand the right tricks. Check out these money-saving advice to gain the best value for her time and money when you visit.

1. Buy online

Kings Island frequently slashes prices on admission and also parking if you buy online fairly than in ~ the park, add to you’ll conserve time waiting in line at the admissions windows when you arrive. Visit the tickets web page for details.

2. Buy in ~ Kroger

Milk, eggs, bread, majesties Island tickets! Save big when girlfriend buy her tickets at Kroger. Look for the screen at the prior of your neighborhood store.

3. Two Day Ticket

From coasters to reflects to Soak City, occasionally you can’t do the entirety park in one day. Fairly than paying because that two separate tickets, obtain a 2 Day Ticket and spend a 2nd day at the park, including at Soak City Water Park, for a reduced price. Your visits don’t have to be on consecutive days!

4. Every Inclusive Ticket

This ticket allows you experience virtually whatever in the park because that a cheaper price than purchasing everything separately. It offers you the finest value on every component of your day, from conserving money ~ above meals to conserving time waiting in line for rides. Conserve up to $99 a person when girlfriend buy online and also get the following:

One solitary Day join ticket Parking fast Lane Plus all Day Dining One continual Souvenir bottle One single Day FunPix picture Pass

5. After ~ 4 p.m. Admission Ticket

There’s loads to do at the park after ~ 4 p.m., consisting of live shows and Soak City Water Park, and also when you purchase an ~ 4 p,m. Ticket, you’ll beat the daytime heat and crowds, all for a cheaper join cost. Nothing forget the the park is open until midnight every Saturday through July 29.

6. Coaster Combo Ticket

This one is great for the coaster enthusiasts or those who simply can’t pick one amusement park to visit. Acquire one day at Cedar suggest and someday at monarchs Island any type of day the parks are open up to the public throughout the season with Oct. 28. In between the two parks, you have accessibility to 34 the the best roller coasters in the world, consisting of Mystic Timbers, stole Vengeance, The Beast and also Millennium Force.

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Family fun on a budget plan doesn’t have to be a hassle when planning a visit to majesties Island. Check out our tickets page and our season pass page for even more ways come save.