I desire to obtain my parents round trip tickets come Prague native SFO as a christmas gift, however I want to save it a surprise. However, it's extremely an overwhelming to determine dates without notifying them.

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Have any of you done anything choose this? must I opt because that a take trip Gift certificate? The location doesn't have to Prague need to they desire to walk elsewhere.

Would appreciate any kind of input!



If it was me, i would publish them out a fake certificate that says "a pilgrimage to anywhere" etc. Etc. And wrap it increase in a an elaborate box and also then have them select where and then you publication it. That still enables for the surprise, however that permits you come still purchase it and doesn't confine them to one airline. Say united is cheap today, yet the time lock book, one more airline may be means cheaper or united skyrocketed and also now they're stuck to United.

This is great advice. Buying airplane tickets together a gift is yes, really risky. Give them a homemade take trip certificate so the they deserve to coordinate your schedules very first and you can find a good deal!

This is an amazing idea. The fake ticket could double as a card also so ns won't have to worry around that muahahaha!

Thanks maddie!

This is an excellent advice. To add you'll require their passport numbers to publication international ticket so it'll be kind of tough to surprise them through beforehand.

24 hour cancel policy. Execute it on the day of - print it out and then speak - can you do these dates, and if no - call up and cancel the ticket and also rebook.

Planning the dates for castle is actually a really an excellent thing due to the fact that people don't travel since there is never a great time in their perspective.

I have done this. Ns say the tickets room booked however you have actually just a couple of hours to decide if you want to exchange them. Makes human being think in the moment and also commit come the travel.

This is cool, yet I'm not sure if I'd desire to make my parents anxiety on Christmas job on take trip plans. They acquire meticulous about this stuff... Would certainly be great for once they're retirement though

American Express and also VISA likewise offer gift cards. This way, they deserve to use their constant flyer miles because that one ticket and also the card for the various other plus various other expenses.

You don't really have to buy the gift before hand. You deserve to just say... "As mine gift, I'm buying you tickets to Prague!".. Climate let them decision dates, etc and also then you execute the booking for them.

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