Now through Sunday, Aug. 19, the world"s largest convenience store chain is running a Share-a-Slurpee promotion. At participating 7-Eleven shop nationwide, buy any kind of size Slurpee and also get a second frozen drink free. 

It"s the finest deal 7-Eleven has offered since that annual 7-Eleven Day, hosted on the chain"s July 11 birthday, which was a freebie free-for-all. During the event, the firm estimates it gave away 9 million totally free small Slurpees.

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While some die-hard Slurpee fans stayed away native the 8-hour July event because of the long lines and little cups, this promotion is a opportunity to fill-up the biggest cup, usually 32-ounces at most locations, and take house an equally large cup for free. 

Too much Slurpee because that one person? 7-Eleven recommends sharing v a friend.

“Slurpee drink BOGO is not only a great time come grab a bunch of friends and head under to a 7‑Eleven store for a delicious drink discount, it deserve to also administer a refreshing way to brighten someone else’s day through a pay-it-forward totally free Slurpee drink,” Sean Thompson, senior vice president and also chief customer officer for 7‑Eleven, stated in statement. 

Michigan 7-Eleven stores are not participating in the weeklong "BOGO Slurpee Drink Week, according come the company.

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Slurpee spices vary through location but the firm says that featured smell is the glowing blue Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries motivated by the well-known cereal. Various other flavors obtainable include Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Coca-Cola and Lite Lemonade.

Being a member that the 7Rewards loyalty program isn"t required to score the deal, yet members get one extra perk: The capacity to earn one more freebie faster. 

Loyalty members will have both the to buy and free Slurpee drink count toward the “Buy Six, obtain the seventh Free” offer, which has coffee and fountain drinks.

Sign up by downloading the 7-Eleven smartphone app, in ~ the 7Rewards website, message the 7-Eleven bot on facebook Messenger or by choose up a physics 7Rewards card at participating locations. Girlfriend can likewise attach her phone number to her account and give the at checkout.

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Once registered, scan the bar code from the app, mobile website or physics card to earn "punches" toward cost-free drinks and points on pick purchases that can be redeemed for totally free items.