Buy One get One free* is the 33rd What A Cartoon! This quick was written, created, and directed by Charlie Bean, Carey Yost, and also Don Shank. This is Charlie Bean’s directorial debut; bean would later on go ~ above to straight The LEGO Ninjago Movie and the live-action Lady and also the Tramp top top Disney+.

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Buy One get One free* tells the story that a male going with a mid-life crisis. With his discovery of gray hair, the male wants to feel young again and decides the only way to perform that is if he have the right to bed a much younger woman.

Psych! It’s just a story of two cats having a good time!

It’s a an excellent cartoon anyway! check it out!


BUY ONE acquire ONE FREE* (Link)Time: 1 dayIn his penthouse apartment overlooking central Park, a man named Riley searches v the New York Link personals. He comes across a girl named Sophie, a cat lover. Riley buys himself a cat called Flinch to impress her, even though he self is not fond that animals. Riley and also Sophie do a date for the opera that very night. Sophie leaves her very own cat resolve at the penthouse to it is in Flinch’s playmate. When Riley and also Sophie are out, the 2 cats take advantage of their luxury accommodations and also throw a large party inviting every the cat in the neighborhood. Yet when Riley returns and sees his apartment trashed, that takes every his anger the end on Flinch. Sophie is horrified in ~ his abusive behavior and also calls the Humane society which carts Riley away. Now Sophie, Flinch, and Fix have that apartment all to themselves.

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(What A Cartoon! short – we 30 Oct 1996 – 07:22)

Interesting observations:

Among the New York Link Personals are:Sophie: 26, SWF, Cat Lover Veronica: 22, SWF, No Jugheads Clair: 26, SWF, Astronaught Dawn: 27, SWF, Kinky Cherry: 25, SWF, Needy The Veronica an individual is a recommendation to Archie Comics in i beg your pardon Veronica Lodge and also Jughead Jones are constant characters. Hanna-Barbera has had actually a long history with Archie Comics with one of the studio’s early cartoons being an adaptation of the Archie property Josie and the Puppycats. Throughout the time this cartoon to be released, Archie Comics to be the exclusive publisher that comics based upon the Hanna-Barbera cartoons.Because Riley’s apartment overlooks central Park, it’s likely that the opera he refers to is the urban Opera home at Lincoln Square.Riley’s apartment number is 1964. This is the birth year of Flinch’s voice gibbs Kevin Michael Richardson; 1964 is also the year Hanna-Barbera productions The Magilla Gorilla ShowJonny Quest, and The Peter Potamus Show premiered.Though the orange cat’s surname is never pointed out in dialogue, his collar and also the credits describes him as Flinch. Likewise, the black cat’s name, Fix, is only well-known through the end credits.At 3:17, we deserve to see fix smoking a cigarette. Merged with the depictions the alcohol, sleazy men, animal abuse, and also partying, this definitely was a risque cartoon.At 3:51, rather of Twister we view EntwinerWatch for a cameo by height Cat at 4:11At 5:14, a paint of a naked woman on the wall is seen. Conveniently the risque components are covered by cat scratches.