Why eat any kind of of the healthier components of lucky Charms grain when you can just have the marshmallows? In-fact, why not just buy a 40lb lb bag that them? Yes, you can actually purchase a large bag that strictly lucky Charm"s Marshmallows, without any type of of the healthy and balanced stuff in it right on Amazon.

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Sizes: 1 lb | 3 lb | 40 lb
You will get shipped a giant situation of lucky Charm"s Marshmallows, that you most likely won"t understand what to do with. Yet I"m sure you"ll number it out over time. If friend don"t actually want to eat them, I"m sure there are an assortment the pranks you might use the Marshmallows on.

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Although not actually the happy Charms brand, you"ll technically be receiving a large bag of dehydrated grain marshmallows. However we all understand what you"ll yes, really be getting.


How countless calories is in the giant 40lb bag of lucky Charm"s marshmallows?

If you"re watching your figure, opportunities are you"re in the dorn place. However if friend actually room wondering how countless calories room in a giant bag of lucky Charm"s marshmallows that weighs 40lbs, someone in reality did the math!"MyFitnessPal estimates 7 grams the dried marshmallows to it is in 25 calories. That provides this 40 lb bag 453,592.5 calories. If you space watching her diet at around 2000 calories every day, you could eat nothing however marshmallows indigenous this bag for the following 226.8 days.

Can you swim in this gigantic 40 lb bag the dehydrated marshmallows?

Believe that or not someone did part real vital thinking top top this inquiry as well. An Amazon user asked "Just how large is the package of marshmallows that are being delivered? ns am hoping to swim with them choose Scrooge McDuck....". Someone answered through some pretty an excellent info if you"re looking to swim in a ton of dehydrated marshmallows like Scrooge McDuck did in his money!"You could hot bathtub in them, or better yet a kiddie pool. Forty pounds is a lot, but to swim, you"d need an ext like 120."Image credit: RedditCheck out the giant bag of lucky Charm"s Marshmallows in activity via the video below.

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