July 11 hold a special an interpretation for pan of the Slurpee. The frozen, carbonated beverage is associated with 7-Eleven, the convenience keep chain the sells them. In years past, July 11 (also well-known as 7/11), is a day whereby anyone could claim a totally free small Slurpee come celebrate, despite it to be typically restricted between the hours of 11 a.m. Through 7 p.m.

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Like critical year, however, free Slurpee work is going to look a small different this time around. Quite than limiting the home window to a couple of hours on July 11, 7-Eleven is offering out a coupon because that a cost-free small Slurpee that can be redeemed anytime throughout the month the July. The also component of the celebration for the convenience store chain’s 94th birthday.

Discounts ~ above the 7-Eleven App

To acquire your hand on a complimentary small Slurpee anytime during the month that July, you’ll have to be a 7Rewards commitment member. However, signing up is easy, and starts with downloading the official 7-Eleven app, or visiting this link. As soon as registered, a free Slurpee coupon will automatically show up in the app’s wallet, and can it is in redeemed in ~ participating 7-Eleven locations anytime before August 1.

However, that’s no all. ~ claiming the one totally free small Slurpee, the application will allow anyone to purchase an unlimited amount of small Slurpees for only $1 transparent the month the July. Together with the ice-cold beverage, the store’s grill items, including warm dogs, taquitos, eggrolls, and also more, will likewise be ~ above sale because that $1.

While the Slurpees are easily accessible anytime in July, yes something come celebrate on July 11, specifically. The day, 7-11’s birthday cake donuts will just be $.50, although castle only easily accessible at participating locations.

Along through the discounts, the 7-Eleven Rewards system also has exclude, deals, consisting of the capacity to knife points for every dollar invested in the store. There are additionally AR gamings that permit for additional ways come earn. The poins have the right to be redeemed because that discounts on various items obtainable in store.

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New seasonings for Slurpee Month

The Slurpee was first introduced back in 1966. Originally owned together Icees, the frozen, carbonated beverage quickly became a clip beverage for 7-Eleven shoppers. In addition to the totally free small Slurpee easily accessible any day in July, 7-Eleven’s been hyping some brand-new flavors on social media, including Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, and Peach Perfect. This will certainly be in enhancement to some of the store’s much more popular flavors, including mainstays favor Coca-Cola and also Wild Cherry.

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Earn an ext Points v the 7-Eleven Wallet

If friend pay v your phone, the 7-Eleven app will earn 5X the points for every $1 spent. If you fill your wallet through $20 using cash, credit, debit, 7-Eleven gift cards, Apple salary or Google Pay, you’ll knife 2000 points, i m sorry is the identical to $2 off your 7-Eleven purchase.

If you usage the 7-Eleven Wallet when filling up your gas tank, the an initial seven purchases will certainly be discounted through $.11 a gallon. After ~ that, you’ll conserve $.03 a gallon.

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7-Eleven distribution Deals

The savings for 7-Eleven’s date of birth month aren’t limited to purchases make in-store or in ~ the pump this year, either. On July 10 and 11, every 7-Eleven shipment purchase will have actually the alternative to include a small Slurpee in ~ no extra charge. Throughout the month of July, totality pizzas will only cost $5 as soon as delivered, and also $10 have the right to buy a entirety pizza and a 16-piece boneless soup combo, to reduce off ideal at your door.

7-Eleven offers Back

Like lock did last year, 7-Eleven is also setup some charitable objectives for their birthday month. When again, they’re planning come donate one million meals to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization that helps supply food banks across the U.S., to aid families who are still hit difficult by the pandemic.

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