Halloween has actually officially come and gone, which way that some are already looking ahead to the vacation season. While a number of notable songs have become staples of this time the year, nobody have become quite as common as "All I want For Christmas Is You", the 1994 pop hit indigenous Mariah Carey. The tune has broken records and also gotten stuck in the top of countless for nearly three decades, and also in the lead-up come Halloween, numerous joked that it was only a issue of time till the song came to be inescapable as soon as again. ~ above Halloween, Carey required to social media come poke fun at exactly that, sharing a video clip of herself shattering pumpkins the proclaim "it"s no time" come play the song so soon.

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Ready? Let’s go! 🎃➡️🎄#MariahSZN pic.twitter.com/cEaFrRBHwJ

— Mariah Carey (
MariahCarey) November 1, 2021

The video, which has been viewed (at the time of this writing) 4.4 million times, then features Carey frolicking about various Christmas objects. The video then ends v a article proclaiming that it is time "to smash the pumpkin and also treat it as pie... Reason we still gotta acquire through Thanksgiving!!!" denote that even Carey herself is conscious of how at an early stage the track gets played every year.

Coincidentally, "All I want for Christmas Is You" – as well as its parent album, Merry Christmas — to be both at first released on November 1st of 1994.

"20 year ago, Christmas music and Christmas albums by artists weren"t the large deal the they space today," Walter Afanasieff, who co-produced and also co-wrote Merry Christmas, told Billboard back in 2014. "Back then, friend didn"t have actually a the majority of artists with Christmas albums; that wasn"t a recognized science in ~ all ago then, and also there was nobody that did new, huge Christmas songs. So us were walking to release it as kind of an everyday, "hey, girlfriend know, we"re putting out a Christmas album. No large deal." to think that it as a solitary that"s going to No. 1, that"s going to journey an album...we didn"t have an inkling that that. That"s no what the time was. That"s what made it together a modern phenomenon: due to the fact that it"s not prefer "White Christmas" or "Jingle Bells" - the song doesn"t have any of those classic elements, yet it became a substantial pop hit."

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"It"s not choose no one write Christmas songs-everyone is trying to acquire a Christmas song," Afanasieff said somewhere else in the interview. "But for every little thing reason "All I desire For Christmas Is You" just ended up being that song. It"s sort of miscellaneous you never would have thought, and also you can"t really describe why, and we feel lucky, due to the fact that it to be the last major song to go into that Christmas canon, and then the door slammed shut. It simply closed."


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