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"But i Don"t want To healing Cancer. I desire To Turn civilization Into Dinosaurs." is a well known quote by X-Men rogue Sauron native the comic Spider-Man and the X-Men. The comic box containing this rebuttal was offered in assorted ways, and also mostly to react to human being misusing their talents and power.


On January 28th, 2015, the second issue that the Marvel crossover Spider-Man and the X-Men<1> to be published, featuring Spider-Man working as an ethics teacher at the X-Men University. Among their earliest confrontations is against dinosaur-themed villains Stegron, from the Spider-Man comics, and also Sauron, from the X-Men comics. Upon learning their evil plan, i beg your pardon is come mutate every human on earth into dinosaurs, Spider-Man reacts as such:

"You deserve to rewrite DNA ~ above the fly, and also you"re utilizing it to turn civilization into dinosaurs? yet with tech like that, you can cure cancer! "

to i m sorry Sauron retorts:

"But i don"t want to cure cancer. I desire to turn people into dinosaurs."

This dialogue is a comedic throwback to the renowned Spider-Man proverb and also theme: "With good power comes good responsibility". The heat was instantly noticed by the fanbase, and also the really day the the comic"s publication, a photography of this exchange to be uploaded ~ above Tumblr<2>, and also another one separately on Imgur<3> the next day.


The comic crate from i m sorry the iconic conversation originates has been used by countless Internet customers either together a cropped version concentrated on the two speech bubbles in question, one edited variation of this cropped box, or a redraw that it. Sometimes, this conversation is simply quoted. The main context in i m sorry this conversation is used is as soon as talking about squandered potential offered for trivial or selfish ends.


Although decently well-known on countless image boards and social media, the most renowned version the this meme originates from a daily Struggle version on r/memes, post on in march 7th, 2020,<4> and which conveniently gathered more than 44200 clues (97% upvoted) and also 330 comments.

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On Tumblr, a redraw themed top top the Sonic comics was posted by Rik Draws<5> on July 22nd, 2020, and gained 2650 notes. One more one, post by smut artist GraphiteKnight<6> in the beginning of January 2018, got 2140 notes.