Four of the world’s busiest airports in 2015 to be in the US, while three oriental countries China, Japan and also Hong Kong, 2 European nations France and the UK, and the UAE additionally transported large numbers with their airports. lists the world busiest airports based on total passenger movements in 2015.

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta global Airport, US

Continuing that statusas the world’s busiest plane by passenger numbers since 1998, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport offered a record breaking 101.49m passenger in 2015 coming to be the an initial airport to cross the 100 million mark in a single year. Passenger web traffic at the airport boosted by 5.52%, year-over-year. Plane movements enhanced by 1.63% to 882,497, when cargo increased by 4.15% come 626,201t throughout the year.In in march 2016, the plane unveiled a $6bn, 20-year capital plan named ATLNext come sustain its position as among the world’s most important airports. The task will see considerable improvements to the domestic terminal, building and construction of a new sixth runway, new cargo structures, a brand-new hotel and also a new concourse.Located southern of the central business ar of Atlanta, Georgia, the airplane is owned by City the Atlanta and operated by the Atlanta department of Aviation.

Beijing funding International airplane (BCIA), China

China’s No.1 Gateway, the Beijing resources International Airport tape-recorded a passenger throughput the 89.93m in 2015, compared to 86.13m in 2014. Aircraft movements boosted by 1.4% throughout this period, reaching 590,160 in 2015.BCIA is the only airport in the Asia-Pacific region featuring three terminals, three runways, and two simultaneously operating towers. To fulfill the ever-growing passenger demand, the airport has completed seven massive expansion and also reconstruction projects since 1965. Owned and also operated through state-controlled Beijing funding International airport Company, the plane is located northeast the Beijing’s city center in Chaoyang District, surrounded by the suburban Shunyi District.

Dubai worldwide Airport (DXB), UAE

Dubai global Airport, the number one hub for worldwide passengers in the world, registered an yearly traffic of 78m in 2015, representing a 10.7% expansion from 2014. The airport forecast to receive 85m passenger in 2016. Aircraft activities reached 403,517 during the year, increase 14.1% contrasted to 353,507 in 2014. Cargo volumes continued to be steady with around 2.5Mt of waiting freight passing v the airport, a 3.4% increase from the vault year.A new Concourse D was opened up at DXB in February 2016, raising its volume from 75m come 90m passengers a year. Constructed at a expense of $1.2bn, the brand-new concourse attributes comfortable seating areas, lounges, retail and food and beverage (F&B) facilities. Plans to renovate Concourse C are in ar to more improve passenger flows and the all at once experience.Established in 2007 after ~ the restructuring that theDubai room of polite Aviation (DCA), Dubai Airports owns and manages the Dubai global Airport in addition to Dubai World central (DWC).

Chicago O’Hare worldwide Airport, US

O’Hare worldwide Airport, the primary airport offer the Chicago area, tackled 76.94m passenger in 2015, an increase of 9.81% year-on-year. The airport witnessed 875,136 plane movements and handled 1.74Mt the cargo throughout the year, a 10.4% increase from the vault year.In February 2016, the airport unveiled a $1.3bn infrastructure plan to sustain its position as one of the many important global aviation hubs. The setup includes building and construction of a new runway (Runway 9C/27C), a centralised de-icing facility, new gates, terminal modernisation and other crucial airfield projects.Located on the northwest next of Chicago, Illinois, O’Hare airplane is owned by City of Chicago and operated by the Chicago room of Aviation.

Tokyo international Airport, Japan

Also recognized as Haneda airport, Tokyo international Airport is among the major airports serving the better Tokyo region. The airport taken on 75.32m passenger in 2015, recording a 3.46% expansion from the previous year.The airport functions three terminals – residential terminals 1 and also 2 and also an worldwide terminal. The two domestic terminals are associated by an secret walkway; a complimentary shuttle bus runs between the key terminals and also the worldwide terminal. The Japanese federal government plans to rise the international trip capacity at the airport in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics.While the airplane is under civil Aviation Bureau, its residential terminals room managed and also operated by Japan airport Terminal agency and the worldwide terminal is managed and also operated through Tokyo global Air Terminal Corporation.

London Heathrow Airport, UK

London Heathrow, the only hub plane in the UK, saw 74.95m passenger in 2015 recording a 2.2% climb year-over-year, receiving the greatest ever variety of annual passengers. The airport saw 472,067 enplanements and also deplanements and also handled 1.49Mt of cargo during the year.The Airports board of directors of UK, in 2015, encourage a £16bn growth at the airport, which consists of the building of a new third runway which, if approved, will take care of up come 740,000 flights a year, providing hub-airport capacity until at least 2040. The expansion also includes provision because that two main passenger terminals, move hubs and also the redevelopment of cargo facilities.Located come the west of central London, the airport is owned and operated by Heathrow plane Holdings.

Los Angeles international Airport (LAX), US

Los Angeles international Airport (LAX), the largest and also busiest airplane in the better Los Angeles and also the state that California, offered 74.93m passengers, consisting of 54.19m domestic and also 20.74m global recording a 6% expansion over 2014. A full of 2.13t of air cargo to be processed during the period, boost of 6.5% year-over-year, when aircraft movements rose by 3% to 655,564.In 2015, the Los Angeles board of plane Commissioners took on a $5bn Landside accessibility Modernization routine (LAMP) to provide a world-class transportation mechanism at the airport. The project will add a new automated human being mover that will attach the central terminal area with a new consolidated rent-a-car facility. It will additionally have stop in-between at new airport parking facilities and a station that connect the Los Angeles Metro regional transit system.LAX is just one of the three southerly California airports that space owned and also operated through Los Angeles world Airports, a proprietary department of the City the Los Angeles.

Hong Kong international Airport (HKIA), Hong Kong

Hong Kong worldwide Airport, the main airport in Hong Kong, handled 68.5m passenger in 2015, record an 8.1% development over the vault year. The variety of flight movements raised to 406,020 native 391,000 in 2014, while the cargo handled was almost unchanged in ~ 4.38Mt.The Midfield Concourse (MFC) v a capacity to offer 10m passenger was opened at the airplane in December 2015. The five-storey MFC is situated west that Terminal 1 and also provides 20 parking stands. Plans space in place to increase the airport right into a Three-runway mechanism (3RS) to fulfill long-term waiting traffic need estimated by IATA Consulting to reach 102m passengers, 8.9Mt of cargo and also 607,000 aircraft activities a year by 2030. Construction works are scheduled to commence in 2016.Located on the island that Chek Lap Kok in the western waters of Hong Kong, HKIA is activate by Airport authority Hong Kong.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

France’s largest worldwide airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport tape-recorded a passenger throughput that 65.8m in 2015, representing 3.1% year-over-year growth. The airport saw 469,338 aircraft movements during this period, a 0.9% boost from the vault year.Also well-known as Roissy Airport, the airport functions three terminals and also serves 170 airlines. Charles de Gaulle Véhicule Automatique Léger (SDGVAL), a complimentary automatic light-rail spaceship service, links the terminals, railway station and also parking too many at the airport.The airport is regulated by Aéroports de Paris, i beg your pardon builds, develops and also manages airports in the region. The group plans come modernise the terminal framework at the airport and upgrade the quality of services.

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Dallas ft Worth (DFW) international Airport, US

Dallas ft Worth (DFW) global Airport, one of the highest possible capacity commercial airports in the world, tackled 64.17m passengers, consisting of 56.32m domestic and 7.85m international, in 2015. It tackled 737,812t that cargo throughout the period, a 4.9% rise from the ahead year, while aircraft movements boosted to 681,261 native 679,820 in 2014.A new section because that Terminal B was opened in February 2016 as a component of DFW airport’s $2.7bn Terminal rejuvenation and innovation Program (TRIP), i beg your pardon is aimed in ~ restructuring the 4 original terminal structures A, B, C and also E. The growth added brand-new gates B4 v B11 and the matching ticketing hall, 2 bag claims and also a security checkpoint. In the following phase, gateways B18 v B23 along with the corresponding parking ar will be included in early-2017, while the last phase is reserved for completion by the finish of the year.DFW airport is jointly owned by the City of Dallas and also City of fort Worth, and also operated by DFW airport Board.