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(mos def)Man you hear this bullshit they be talkinEveryday manIts choose these motherfuckers is as with professional liarsYou recognize what ns sayin?So wowListen!(hook - mos def) 2XBin laden didn"t blow up the projectsIt was you nigga, tell the reality nigga(bush knocked under the towers)Tell the fact nigga(bush knocked under the towers)Tell the truth niggaI pledge no allegianceNigga crap the presidents speechesIm baptized by americaAnd covered in leechesThe dirty water that preaches your soul and also your face featuresDrowning friend in propaganda that they spit v the speakersAnd if girlfriend speak around the evil that the federal government doesThe patriot act entice you to the type that girlfriend loveThey try to frame youAnd say you was trying to market drugsThey litter a federal indictment top top niggasTo display you loveThis shit is run by fake christiansFake politiciansLook in ~ they mansions and look in ~ the problems you live inAll castle talk about is terror on televisionThey call you come listen however they don"t really tell you their missionThey sponsor Al Qaeda, and also now they blame the muslim religionEven despite Bin Laden was a CIA tactitionThey offered him billions of dollars and funded his purposeFahrenheit 9/11 that"s simply scratching the surface.(hook)They to speak the rebels in Iraq tho fight because that SaddamBut that"s bullshit I"ll show you why it"s completely wrong"cause if one more country attacked the hood tonightIt"d it is in warfare through harlem and washington heightsI wouldn"t it is in fighting for bush or white americas dreamId be fighting for my people, survival and self-esteemI wouldn"t fight for racist church in the southern my niggaId it is in fighting to store the occupation out my niggaYou ever before clocked someone that talk shit or look at you wrongImagine if they shot in ~ you and was rapin your momsAnd of course saddam hussein had chemical weaponsWe marketed him the shit ~ ronald regans electionMercinary home builders fight in a brand-new eraCorporate army banking off the battle on terrorThey controlin the ghetto v a are afraid of attackTrying to distract the reality that they engineering the crackSo ns strapped like (lee malvo?) holdin a sniper rifleThese bullets "ll touch your kids and i don"t mean like michaelYour human body "ll be sent to the morgue, stripped down and recycledI fire top top (house?) niggas that support you and also like you"cause innocent human being get murdered in the struggle dailyAnd bad people never acquire shit and struggle dailyThis aint no extraterrestrial conspiracy theoryThis shit is realWritten under the dissension on the masonic seal(eminem)I don"t rap for dead presidentsId fairly see the chairman deadIts never ever been said but i stated presidence.(hook)