Hunter hill is located just over 2 hours north of new York City in the north Catskill mountains of brand-new York State. Whether you room coming native the north or the south, Hunter is a practically half-hour ride from brand-new York State Thruway exits 20 or 21.

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Physical address:

64 Klein Ave.Hunter, NY 12442

Hunter mountain Coordinates: N42 12.289 W74 12.598.

Please follow the posted speed limit indications while on the mountaintop. Local law enforcement agencies strictly enforce the posted speed limits.


Luggage and Ski Shipping Service

Avoid the problem of carrying and also checking bags by sending your luggage and also sports equipment ahead v LugLess, the official luggage and sports equipment shipping service of Hunter Mountain. Arrange your shipping booking online.


taking the bus or driving room the many recommended methods to with Hunter Mountain, however you have the right to opt come ride Amtrak to adjacent Hudson, NY. For Amtrak schedules and also information, visit their website.

Take the Hudson line on Metro-North come Poughkeepsie Station. Prior to your trip, visit Zipcar to make reservation a automobile (Zipcar is located at station) or take it an UBER or LYFT automobile service the can bring you straight to the mountain. Or, taxi company through follow Transportation deserve to be booked ahead the your pilgrimage by phone call (845) 389-0835.

Save gas, and also take the bus. With so numerous different bus options, you"re specific to discover a hassle-free alternative to driving. Here"s a perform of charter bus companies and also tour operator making runs to Hunter hill on a regular basis.

Bus tourism Operations

Don"t let your lack of wheels dampen your soul to ski and ride. Bus tourism Operators room a convenient way to travel to Hunter hill from the metro NY & NJ Areas. They deserve to supply you with a background ticket, ski or snowboard rentals and group lessons. The information below features several of our many popular and reliable tourism operators and charter bus companies. For details, visit your websites.
Bus tour Operators
Bus tourism Service Pick increase Location Days to Hunter Contact
Sourced Adventures Manhattan Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays (888) 684-5571
Urban Sherpa Travel Manhattan Tuesday - Sunday posse
Ovrride eastern Coast Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hoboken Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday (347) 559-1787
NYC eye Bus Manhattan, Brooklyn Wednesday, Friday - Monday WhatsApp:(917) 524-2421

Office:(917) 524-2421

Paragon Sports Manhattan Saturday & Sunday (212) 255-8036
Ku Wan NY Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday (347) 200-5050
NJ Ski Burns New Jersey Wednesdays

(732) 462-7075

(732) 469-9000

Sundown Express Long Island/ NYC Some Saturdays

(732) 462-7075

Additional tourism Operators

3 Stars tours

Charter a bus because that your group

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