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Hurst judge GTO #2 the 7 $170,000

This is car #2 the 7 and also the just one in the Hurst referee Edition the was developed with a super charge LS7 (770hp). The repaint is a stunning practice tri-stage w/pearl and also all painted graphics. Manual 6sp transmission, upgraded Brembo brake package v drilled and slotted rotors front and also rear as well as six-piston prior calipers. Period correct inner with the traditional coffinbadge in the former seats, this vehicle comes through an extra collection of seats in hard black. Tradition gauges equivalent the initial ’69 Judge, Hurst close ratio shifter and also custom painted door panels.

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The original Judge hood-tach has actually been convert to a supercharger an increase gauge. Hide-away headlamps, behind deck spoiler, twin hood scoops, Rally II format aluminum wheels and the painted judge stripes, complete the look. That is signed by Hurst Chairman, Nate Shelton. Present mileage is around 2,600. Financing available.





2014 Hurst referee Edition GTO #7 the 7 – $160,000

In 2014, Hurst performance commissioned seven Hurst Judge’s based upon the ’69 layout Pontiac GTO v hide-away headlights. This is vehicle #7 that 7. Every of the Hurst version conversions were constructed on the GM Zeta platform and signed by climate Chairman, Nate Shelton. This auto was ordered and also built v a stage III, 700hp LS3 in a hands-on six-speed transmission.

It was painted in a tradition pearl yellow and also sports all painted graphics hidden under numerous clear coats. The leather interior is a safety red v yellow stitching. The hide-away head lights, pair hood scoops, “hood-tach” that serves together a boost gauge for the 2.3 liter supercharger and modern retro-styled rally II wheel really carry home ’69 GTO styling in this modern-day reliable muscle car. Current mileage is 5,050. Financing available.

2015 Camaro SS – $37,000

In pursuit of a performance package for our Bandit Edition, infectious diseases worldwide Am global experimented with number of high-output engine package choices before at some point settling ~ above the LSX. One package us evaluated to be the B-15 crate engine from GM Performance. This to be our check car. It has the 373ci B-15 v a 2.9 liter Whipple supercharger. We set up Recaro gyeongju seats and also slotted and also drilled rotors. It has actually 790hp at the crank and is donate up through a six-speed automatically transmission. For more details call: 850-251-8347.

2015 Bandit edition Trans to be #18 that 77

This is possibly the most very collectible modern-day platform Trans am conversion we have ever built. The edition has been sold-out for number of years. Each car in the Bandit collection was autographed by Burt Reynolds. There is no better way to enjoy the top styling the a infectious diseases world fashion Am than on a modern-day platform with the technology and drivability you would suppose in new car.

Available in three performance packages, #18/77 was built with the 7.4 Liter LSX 840hp stage V performance option. That comes v a 6L90 automatically transmission, upgraded performance suspension, heads-up display and has every painted graphics (Bandit stipes added) and the top T-tops. Internal is hard black v black stitching and piping. Comes with the Burt Reynolds signed dash piece and secondary title, Bandit gloves, leather bound Bandit booklet and Bandit edition Stetson hat. It currently has 2400 miles. For pricing call: 850-251-8347 financing available.

2018 Trans to be Super Duty #11 that 50

The modern-day Super Duty edition was restricted to just 50 units and also built in tribute to the legend ‘73 and also ‘74 Trans to be Super Duty. The contemporary Trans to be Super Duty’s are constructed on the 6th generation GM Alpha platform. Each engine was practice designed and also built by legendary NASCAR engine builder, Joey Arrington of north Carolina. Each internal was design by TAWW in-house designers. The edition was sold-out in 2018.

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2018 Trans to be Super Duty #27 the 50

The modern Super Duty version was minimal to only 50 units and also built in tribute to the legendary ‘73 and also ‘74 Trans am Super Duty. The modern Trans to be Super Duty’s are built on the 6th generation GM Alpha platform. Each engine was tradition designed and also built by legendary NASCAR engine builder Joey Arrington of phibìc Carolina. Each interior was designed by TAWW in-house designers. The edition was sold-out in 2018.

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