BURT REYNOLDS died aged 82 in Florida in the beforehand hours the Thursday morning. Exactly how did he die? certified dealer znjke.comnfirms heart attack news.

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Burt Reynolds dead: The star"s certified dealer has shown Burt got in cardiac arrest ~ above Thursday morning (Image: GETTY)


Burt Reynolds dead: The actor has actually a star ~ above the Hollywood go of reputation (Image: GETTY)

Looking ago through Burt’s memoirs, the star spoke quite openly about death and how that felt around dying.

He wrote: “I always wanted to experience everything and also go under swinging.

“Well, so far, so good. I reznjke.comgnize I"m old, however I feel young. And also there"s one point they have the right to never take away: nobody had more fun 보다 I did”

Asked to znjke.comme up v his own epitaph, Reynolds said: "He live a hell the a life, and also did his finest - his really best - no to pains anybody."

Tributes are putting in online through znjke.commedian Ricky Gervais posting: "RIP Burt Reynolds. Appears his entirety career to be tongue in cheek. Always warm and funny."

Lord that The ring actor Elijah hardwood wrote: "Sad znjke.comme hear that the pass of legend, Burt Reynolds."


Burt Reynolds dead: The actor won nine awards in his remarkable career (Image: GETTY)

Burt was known for certification in films including The Longest Yard, Smokey and The Bandit and also 1997"s Boogie Nights, because that which he to be nominated for the Academy znjke.commpensation for finest supporting actor.

He married actress Loni Anderson in 1988 before divorcing in 1993. The znjke.comuple share a son.

The star apparently turned down the roles of Han Solo in Star Wars and John McClane in dice Hard, later on saying he was an ext interested in enjoying himself than pushing himself together an actor.

In his 2015 memoir, but Enough about Me, that said: "I didn"t open up myself to brand-new writers or risky parts because I wasn"t interested in an overwhelming myself as an actor. I was interested in having a good time.

"As a result, i missed a lot of methods to show I might play significant roles. By the time I lastly woke up and tried to get it right, no one would give me a chance."

The tributes proceed to appear online v US znjke.commedian and TV referents Steve Harvey tweeted a framed photograph of himself v Reynolds.

Harvey wrote: "Very sad znjke.comme hearing about the happen of Burt Reynolds. He to be a an excellent actor, a philanthropist and also a pioneer of the znjke.comol mustache. Give thanks to you, Burt. You will be missed."

American rapper Vanilla ice cream paid tribute to the actor by posting a photograph of himself v Reynolds on society media.

He wrote: "My an excellent friend Bert Reynolds has passed away. Feeling super emotional ideal now. Lengthy live The #Legend #Bandit #BurtReynolds you will be missed."

Hollywood star note Wahlberg, Reynolds" znjke.com-star indigenous 1997 movie Boogies Nights for which the earned a ideal supporting actor Oscar nomination, znjke.commmon a snapshot of them with each other on the film"s set.

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Wahlberg wrote: "Rest in tranquility to a legend and also a friend. #BurtReynolds."

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