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Smokey and the Bandit movie star Burt Reynolds and also his ex-wife, actress Loni Anderson, had actually probably among the messiest celeb publicly breakups in Hollywood history. As Reynolds offered Anderson divorce documents after 12 year of gift together, the so late actor kicked her the end of their house in Florida and proceeded to publicly humiliate her. Anderson, however, continued to be quiet, waiting for her time to talk about her next of the story. And since the she had back in 1995, the new details didn’t get any prettier.

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Reynolds had spread roughly the Anderson was a bad mother come their adopted son Quinton Anderson and also that she had actually cheated on that repeatedly. Yet Anderson said in an interview with SFGate the Reynolds was erratic and also crazy. “I’m concerned about Burt’s erratic behavior. . . . Quinton is little and I want him to be protected,” explaining why she want a nanny to go through Quinton, only 7-years-old at the time, to walk visit his father in Florida.

However, Quinton’s common nanny had refused to go because, according to Anderson, “Burt threw a chair in ~ her,” causing a substitute nanny to do the trip. Anderson further defined that she blames the drugs for Reynold’s behavior. In her book, My Life in High Heels, she stated that Reynolds was acquisition Percodan because that pain, Valium for anxiety, and also Compazine for the side effects.

“My Life in High Heels”


“The physics abuse I always blamed top top the drugs,” she said in explaining the beatings that left her bruises all over her body. She would make excuses that she had actually fallen under the stairs, saying, “thank God Burt had recorded me.”

A month prior to their breakup is what Anderson describes as the worst event of the alleged physical abuse. “Burt shoved me all about the room, then threw me come the floor and opened the drawer and got out a loaded gun. The handed me the gun and also told me come shoot myself and do united state all a favor. Ns was terrified,” she said.

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In the divorce settlement, Anderson gained a $2.3 million, 6,500 square foot residence in Beverly Hills, California, along with $15,000 a month in son support. However, Anderson revealed that Reynolds failed come come through some months with the mortgage or the boy support payments. She defined that, “It’s a very an overwhelming situation. Periodically he’ll walk for months (without paying) and sometimes the is all regular. I think it counts on if that is working.”

Despite the allegations, Reynolds refuse to comment, and also through his publicist Joe Sutton, claimed “he desire Loni nothing yet the an extremely best from today on.”

All Anderson had actually left to say as she was happily moving forward with her life was that, “Burt always said no one would ever think me due to the fact that he to be Mr. Wonderful and also the world loved him.”

Along v Smokey and the Bandit through co-star Sally Field, Reynolds was also known for Deliverance, Boogie Nights, and the Longest Yard. Burt Reynold’s death was led to by a love attack, after going into cardiac arrest top top September 6, 2018. Anderson was recognized for her role as Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, i beg your pardon earned her not just three gold Globe Awards but additionally two Emmy award nominations. She was likewise in Stroker Ace and also A Night in ~ the Roxbury.


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