Burlington, additionally known as Burlington coat Factory, It has actually 740 stores with off-price department save retailer.

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If you have actually made any kind of purchases from the Burlington Coat manufacturing facility Store. And if you are not happy v Burlington’s product.

Don’t worry! right here you have the right to get vital information because that a refund or an exchange, consisting of their Returns plan on how to return with a receipt and without a receipt.


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Company NameReturn Time LimitReceipt RequiredRestocking FeeRefund / ExchangeOriginal Packaging RequiredProbability that Success ReturnConditionsExceptions
Burlington coat Factory
30 Day’s
Return or exchange at customer’s option
➨Original packaging and unused

➨All return to an AutoZone store space subject to the in-store return policy

➨All returns room subject to device verification and also approval

➨The shipping charge is non-refundable

➨Refund will certainly be approve in the original form of payment

Gift Cards

Burlington Coat manufacturing facility Return Policy

All Burlington items need to be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Note: initial receipt is necessary for simple return or exchange.

Merchandise must be unused and also in its brand-new condition through the original packaging.

However, due to health and sanitary reasons, swimsuits, and also breast pump accessories space not returnable under any type of conditions.

The customer will acquire a refund in the original payment method.

Returning to Burlington Store

Follow the basic step to return to the Burlington Store.

Bring receipt of payment or shipping confirmation mail sent by the seller along with the customer.A store associate will aid you by scanning the shipping letter or original receipt.Once her return accepts by the employee you will obtain the refund in the initial payment method.

Merchandise reverted from completed layaway and also receipted returns accepted after 30 job will get a gift card.

Burlington Return via Mail

If you want to return her product back by mail/online :

Circle the item number for which item customers are returning back.Burlington will refund your payment ~ deducting the shipping and package taking care of charges.A refund will certainly be sent out to the client within 14 working days.


Strongly recommend making use of UPS or various other traceable shipping methods. Once returning items by mail.Shipping charges will be non-refundable to the customer.

Burlington Exchange

Based ~ above Burlington Coat factory Return plan you cannot exchange together items in provided condition. In some instances exchanging commodities for valid reasons, you have to place a brand-new order.

Furthermore, please Burlington client support.

What’s to be your endure with the Burlington.com return policy? please compose down in the comment section, the may help others. Still, confused? Don’t problem share your query in the comment we try to fix your trouble to make basic return and refund process.

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