I’m a tan shade skin and also I want a hair shade that would certainly look great on me. Have the right to I dye that gray/silver?

Autumn is the ideal time come experiment through hair shade to emphasize the result of sun-kissed hair. To carry out this right and also choose the new color so the it flatters your tan skin, you should understand your seasonal type. Over there are 4 of them, and they are called according come the time of the year, i.e. Autumn, spring, winter, and also summer. Girlfriend may have cool-toned or warm-toned tan skin, because that example, olive tan skin or golden tan skin, the all depends on the ratio of colors (carotene, melanin, and hemoglobin).

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What colour look an excellent on tan skin?

Let’s examine out the ideal colors because that tan skin:

Chocolate brown hair and also tan skin space a glorious combo; v brown and also red shades, cold and also warm tones of coco hair can emphasize her beautiful skin color;

Use highlights because that tan skin to emphasize the color of your eyes (for example, yellow-based blonde or burgundy highlights will certainly flatter cool-toned tan skin and hazel eyes).


Don’t forget around honey and also caramel tones, due to the fact that tan skin and also blonde hair in warm and also neutral shades might go together an extremely well; other shades of tool brown are likewise a great solution, especially in combination with grey eyes and also olive skin.

Besides, ashy shades do not do it be neglected, because that silver hair ~ above tan skin looks really wonderful. The effect is even more excellent if your skin has an olive undertone. Together with ash brown hair, this combo deserve to make you look a little bit Mediterranean.

And if you have actually dark skin and also brown eye – what hair color should girlfriend choose? In this case, you should think about burgundy or auburn hair top top tan skin. The thing is, there are many shades of this colors, for this reason every girl can choose the ton she likes the most.

And what about redheads? Red hair, tan skin, and also green eyes look perfect together. However, together a mix may it seems ~ a little daring, it is why the chosen mostly by young girls.

Pink hair ~ above tan skin looks pretty only once light tones the pink are used. Moreover, this shade would it is in perfect for any kind of style, be it sport, vintage or casual.

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Well, now you know how to choose good hair colors because that tan skin according to your characteristics. Over there are countless ways to produce a wonderful look because that a tan girl, and, the most important thing to take it into factor to consider is your seasonal type.

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