Update, February 17, 2021: As always, it"s a an excellent time to it is in a pan of chicken sandwiches! burgess King has finally evidenced today the it is undoubtedly planning to roll out its new Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich nationwide later this year.

burgess King evidenced its new sandwich will be accessible in initial or spicy versions and also include a "thick cut white meat chicken breast that is fresh breaded by hand for a bite that is crispy top top the outside and juicy top top the inside." every sandwich will additionally be served on a potato bun v deli pickles and also a savory signature sauce. You have the right to also include iceberg lettuce and also tomato if you"re into that!

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Burger King
Though the chain didn"t confirm precisely when we would certainly be seeing this sandwich ~ above drive-thru menus, BK did keep in mind it would be well worth the wait. Burger King has actually been dreaming up this sandwich due to the fact that 2019 and also testing it due to the fact that 2020. In your words, they"ll it is in rolling that out later this year due to the fact that they don"t desire to "half a** the process." We think them that it will be great! just LOOK at the photo! This chicken sandwich look at massive!!

Original, October 2, 2020: Chicken sandwiches have actually been rather the warm topic over the last year or so, and also the hype honestly doesn"t seem to be dying down any type of time soon. Case in point? burger King has been spotted trial and error some delicious-looking, hand-breaded chicken sandwiches in some locations and they can give other fast food spots a operation for your money.

We very first spotted this news on Chewboom, after lock watched a video from YouTuber RodrickEats trying out one of the sandwiches. Though Burger King does currently sell chicken sandwiches, these new ones watch crispier and more akin to one indigenous say, Popeyes, 보다 their common chicken patty situation. Girlfriend can choose from a Hand-Breaded original Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which has actually pickles, or add lettuce and also tomato. Girlfriend can additionally apparently gain a Cheddar Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which is what Rodrick went for in his video.

Rodrick provided the sandwich pretty good reviews over on his channel, saying that the chicken was flavorful, if a tiny dry. YouTuber theendorsement make the efforts both the Original and also the Cheddar Bacon varieties and gave both almost-perfect reviews, and also called the last "one of the ideal fast food chicken sandwiches top top the market."

Now, this shows up to it is in a check in certain stores (Chewboom stated one was near Phoenix!), so don"t go to run to your local Burger King expecting to find this simply yet. We reached out to Burger King and also they had actually this to say:

"The King have to eat favor a king.

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So, we’re constantly testing new items to satisfy his cravings. We don’t have actually details come share simply yet since he hasn’t chose what’s next."

Burger King, like other chains, often tends to run small tests prefer these come see just how items do, but from the looks of it, we"re reasoning this one will be very successful! for now, well, store an eye out on our neighborhood drive-thru!