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We upgrade the BK application as frequently as feasible to make it quicker and an ext reliable to you. Here are a couple of the improvements you'll discover in the recent update: - UI improvements - Squashed part bugs

Will only order distribution with the app!

We are avid DoorDash customers and also order native them occasionally a couple of times a week, yet we hate it once we want to modify menu items and the DoorDash app won’t enable us to do the same changes as we could ordering at the drive thru! that’s why i am so HAPPY I uncovered the burgess King app for us! (I wasn’t offered to utilizing certain to every restaurant till now) DoorDash no allow straightforward changes favor extra cheese, and for citizens King you can’t even add special requests. Therefore luckily the burgess King app enables you to delete ingredients, add extra or make it light. EVERY INGREDIENT ~ above EVERY SANDWICH, not simply the typical extra cheese or no pickle! thank you, citizens King, for remembering “order it her way” need to be feasible no matter just how we are getting our order!!!BTW, i have tried to short article this for what need to be TWENTY times or an ext by now yet every time I try it tells me mine nickname has already been taken! pretty ridiculous when I go into something favor “frustrated no nicknames are left” and also a blog post pops up the it’s taken! I’m obtaining ready come just offer up on posting this quite than wasting mine time reasoning of an limitless list the stupid nicknames!

Technical problems with App

EDIT: i was contacted a work after creating my review. In spite of my frustration at the time, i am glad the the BK Team take it time to with out and also resolve the issue. In spite of the fixes the application may need, your act of taking accountability was superb.To the BK technology Team, if you’re reading this please call me.I’ve supplied the BK application for more than a year now and my experiences have varied. There’s to be times that I’ve make an order through the app with for sure no problems. However, there’s to be many much more times the the application has given me some kind of issue. Based on the reviews, the clear that the application needs lot of of work.Now you might be wondering why I made decision to article a testimonial until now. That’s since I now have several display recordings the the app providing issues. Today, specifically, ns was making use of a coupon that forced the acquisition of one more item. The coupon and additional item to be visible in mine Cart/Checkout (and in the screen recording). However, after ~ paying, the order totally erased the coupon. Provided I to be on my having lunch break for work, that made a lovely afternoon, an extremely inconvenient.

Developer response ,

We’re bummed come hear the you didn’t have the most ideal experience. Hit us up in ~ for this reason we deserve to look right into this because that you.

They totally screwed up the UX in this “update”

Dear reader : please excuse mine hangry tone. There room many much more things bothering me (same as the rest of us)than this app. BK app just i do not care my lightening stick today.They totally screwed up the UX. That is now hard to customize a whopper. It offered to have actually a simple highlight the topping option. Now it’s a confuse more, regular, light option with pluses and also minuses about it. Also I can’t see where my dare is. What have I ordered? i click “order” and also I’m dumped back to the start “where are you eating today”. Whoever did this UX must be fired. Right here are some tips for these amateurs : 1. Have sensible defaults, especially based on what i’ve ordered prior to 2. Do it clear what my present order state is 3. Do it simple to proceed my bespeak from my order state screen. You guys don’t recognize that UX in a app like this is to guide me to what ns want and also not litter me curveballs leaving me baffled and frustrate. Nothing you gain it that 80 percent of her orders will certainly come from just semi urged buyers that won’t make an effort to do more? Rigging hoops for us to jump with will lose you business. Ns literally walked far from a BK because I couldn’t place an stimulate on the phone and get a deal. Why not simply order old school? because I feel disrespected the you damaged such a good experience. You must not care if you have actually my business or not. I gained pizza instead.

The developer, burgess King Corporation, suggested that the app’s privacy practices might include dealing with of data as explained below. For much more information, check out the developer’s privacy policy.

Data used to track You

The complying with data might be offered to monitor you throughout and websites own by other companies:

purchase Identifiers usage Data

Data connected to You

The following data may be collected and connected to your identity:

purchase Financial info location contact Info User content Identifiers intake Data Diagnostics

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