Over the past year, I’ve been on a quest. Exploring the deep get of the quick food universe to rank whatever from the ideal chicken sandwiches come the best double cheeseburgers. French fries, shakes, and even napkins have actually fallen under my gaze.

It’s to be a wild journey, and in my travels, i’ve noticed a couple of trends. Foremost among these being the Burger King, home of the world creepiest fast food mascot (which is saying something when you have Ronald McDonald, who is not just a clown but frighteningly high ), repeatedly ranks near the bottom. Every time.

Does that median I have actually something against burger King? No, no at all.

In fact, I proactively root for BK, hope to it is in surprised to uncover that they’ve actually done other right. I lengthy to have my preconceived notions upended. Yet it hasn’t happened yet. Burger King is negative at almost everything. Even shakes, which… how?! So once my editor called me top top the an initial day back from a quick vacation to alert me that Burger King had just unveiled a brand brand-new chicken sandwich and I’d have to return from my self-imposed fried chicken sandwich eating retirement to tackle one last project (last, who am i kidding), something damaged inside that me.

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Once i hit the internet, I discovered out that it’s actually not one sandwich however two (four, technically). The Ch’King sandwich, i beg your pardon is topped v pickles and also sauce, and the Spicy Ch’King, which has actually pickles, sauce, and also a warm glaze, and two luxurious versions that those sandwiches special lettuce and tomatoes. This news reignited a passion in me because that fried chicken sandwiches that I believed was lost forever, choose Laika the dog (it’s a grim reference, don’t click the link).

Why go it gain me hyped? You median to phone call me that Burger King felt so confident in this new sandwich, that they double down? counting me in!

Then ns watched the commercial, titled “Nightmare” featuring narration native Paul Giamatti. And, cool as a Giamatti cameo is, ns was right earlier to reasoning Burger King doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. Sometimes I feel favor these fast food carriers forget that they’re claimed to be selling us food, not making weird net content. Why room you advertising a chicken sandwich through this f*cking image?

Dane Rivera

Calories: 1,052

Price: $5.69

Spice Level: 2/5

The Sandwich

For the spicy version of this sandwich, i went with the Deluxe over the standard, which intended no pickles yet you obtain lettuce and also tomato. Allow me say this appropriate off the bat — don’t get the Deluxe. It’s a rubbish of time, burgess King’s lettuce is sad and wilted and their tomatoes have to be the palest the shade of red I’ve ever seen indigenous something that grows top top a vine. Ns think had I gained pickles, this sandwich would’ve detailed an even far better experience because I prefer this one, a lot.

It’s no going to make Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, or Wendy’s flinch and have come innovate to save their top-tier sandwich status, yet it blows mine mind the something this flavorful come from burger King.

It’s simple to say a spicy sandwich win a non-spicy sandwich, this sandwich has actually an extra flavor component to hang on to many thanks to the spicy glaze the is brushed top top the chicken, but I wouldn’t exactly classify this sandwich together “spicy.” The pepper glaze just compliments the batter’s already black pepper leading flavor, adding a little of sweetness to the earthy peppercorn aftertaste that lingers nicely on the lips and tongue. That isn’t spicy so much as the suggests spice, i beg your pardon is sort of interesting and offers a unique opportunity for civilization who can’t handle spice come pretend that they’re fun. I just wish over there was an ext of it, burgess King’s promotional material would lead you to think this chicken is bathed in this spicy sauce — it’s not, it’s merely brushed on. Haphazardly, I can add!

The “savory” sauce renders a return here and overall the flavors just compliment each other better, you gain that pretty crunch resulting in that pepper-forward flavor and also subtle sweet chili heat, which is reigned in by the twin serving of sauce — the an ext you chew the more the flavors gain married together. An easy improvement ~ above this sandwich would’ve been the consists of cheese, or girlfriend know, more than likely pickles. But I make the failure of getting the Deluxe.

Had citizens King provided us through something a little more exciting 보다 a potato bun (it’s one okay an option for this sandwich, however again — not so special) and also put just a bit an ext effort right into the sauce, lock could’ve had actually a real winner here. Three chains released brand-new chicken sandwiches this year — McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, and also Burger King — and of the three this sandwich is by much the best. Burgess King did it, they do a great chicken sandwich, but if they desire to complete with the GOAT, they’re walk to have to head earlier to the lab and also make a few improvements.

The Bottom Line

This is conveniently Burger King’s ideal menu item. Stimulate the Spicy Ch’King sandwich (regular no deluxe) end the continuous crispy version, even if girlfriend think girlfriend don’t prefer spice.

The burger King Ch’King sandwiches are obtainable nationwide.

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Uncover your nearest burgess King here.