Lizzie Ramsey, of Newark, Ohio, claimed that she and also her husband Cody, together with his co-worker and his 11 and also 12 year-old brothers had actually pulled approximately the drive-thru the a citizens King at approximately 8 a.m. To ar their breakfast order.

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However, every time Ramsey had actually finished ordering for one of the world in the car, the manager interrupted with the total price and also later told she to “hurry up,” regardless of Ramsey’s automobile being the just one in the drive-thru lane, WSYX reported.

Ramsey, that is 25-weeks pregnant, determined to park the car and enter the restaurant in order to document a complaint.

“We want to let the manager know how the lady top top the microphone to be acting,” she said.

Upon entering, however, Ramsey’s and also her family members were blown away to discover the manager and the drive-thru operator were the exact same person and also she was no happy to watch them.

The manager totally freaks out on Ramsey in a an extremely unprofessional manner. With vulgarity laced sentences, the manager said Ramsey to leave her store and that she didn’t care around where she got her food, however it wasn’t walk to it is in Burger King.

This is citizens king on 79. Smh who call and report this we are already calling corporate. Pathetic she said me to hurry increase in the line outside reason I took over 3 minute to bespeak food because that me mine husband his worker and also our small brothers. Smh she has got me shaking ideal now. Therefore upset.

Posted by Elizabeth Darlene Ramsey ~ above Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ramsey’s video of the incident has obtained quite a bit of fist on social media and some human being have commented that they have actually had comparable experiences through the very same manager.

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Ramsey claimed the this firm office has since apologized and sent along a gift card, WSYX reported. A representative for the Ocedon Restaurant Group, i beg your pardon manages the burgess King, called Ramsey that the situation had been “handled,” though it’s unsure if the offending employee had actually been terminated, the Newark Advocate added.






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