Burger King. The Fewd Snobs uncovered themselves in ~ Burger King. Us don’t recognize why. We’re not also drunk. Why carry out we perform this come ourselves?

Do you reader remember as soon as Burger King was in reality decent? us do. Hell, we remember as soon as it was pretty damn good. Any type of of you readers over 35 more than likely do to. It was better 보다 the other fast food burgess joints. Namely, the was better than McDonald’s. But then, suddenly something happened. And also BK hasn’t been very great for a if now.

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Despite the reality that burger King typically kind that sucks, we have a duty to you, ours dear readers, to administer you with moral reviews of new stuff. Us tell girlfriend this every the time. So, once we observed the ad for the new BK fire Grilled Chicken Burger, we braved the beerless, cold out to review it. See just how nice we are??

Burger King’s describes the sandwich on its website prefer this: “Our fire Grilled Chicken Burger functions a savory flame-grilled chicken citizens patty topped with juicy tomatoes, new lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and also sliced white onions ~ above a soft toasted brioche format bun.”


Now, what is a chicken burger?

Herman is acquainted with the concept. Denny was not. Denny meant a grilled chicken filet. Nope. Much more on that later…

Burger King is proclaiming the hell the end of this sandwich right now. The is new, and also will only be around for a minimal time only.

We to be pretty damn skeptical going in. We didn’t expect lot here, people. But, we determined to shot it anyway.

A chicken sandwich in a wrapper. At least they didn’t obtain it wrong. Ideal of all, that WASN’T SMASHED!!! AMAZING!!

And currently for a closer look…

There you have it, you people.

It doesn’t really have the many appetizing look, however the “burger” is chicken, after all. It appears grilled. All that matters is that it appears grilled, us don’t understand if it in reality is, yet meh. We’re obtaining off topic.

The toppings room pretty much standard Whopper fare. There are plenty that toppings.

And there is the inside.

Note the this really is a chicken burger. Essentially, the patty consists of soil chicken. This isn’t a filet. But, it likewise isn’t the separated, emulsified, put back together chicken patties, either. Take it a an excellent look. It might look gross since of the chunks, but the burger is composed of ground chicken. Think that it favor a chicken sausage patty. It is a nice interesting principle that nobody else is really doing right now.

Let’s acquire the toppings out of the means before we get to the heart of the matter…or…the chicken that the burger. Wow, that was lame.

The toppings are pretty good, and as usual, there room plenty the toppings. In fact, the citizens is drenched. However that is normal, so us won’t bitch. Many mayo and also ketchup, tomato, pickles, onions, and also ICEBERG LETTUCE. Say thanks to you, burgess King, for making use of ICEBERG! nobody of the leaf crap everybody else is using. And also the onions room NORMAL WHITE ONIONS, no pretentious red onions.

Overall, the toppings happen the test. They room good. The is all.

The bun is very good, also. We’re not sure we obtain the brioche part, yet we are ok v that. That cares. That is different than a consistent bun. It has just a little crustiness come it. Good stuff.

Now, come the point. Right here it is, people…

The chicken burger was good.


We are simply going to say it; we did NOT suppose this production to be good. In ~ all. In fact, we totally expected this come suck, and also we intended to compose a scathing review.

We reduced a sandwich in half, and also each of us ate the whole fifty percent before saying anything. Then, we both said to each other, “That to be pretty good!” we were shocked.

The chicken patty, like we said, is do of soil chicken. The truly is a burger in the feeling that the meat is ground. The is no a grilled chicken filet. The is no a breaded, white meat chicken patty like a McChicken. No kids, this is actually favor a burger. Yet, the structure reminds us of a McRib. The structure is an extremely similar. And that stands come reason, since ground chicken and also ground pork will have actually a little bit various texture than ground beef.

It has a good chicken flavor. It isn’t as well strong, however it is chicken after all. The isn’t going to it is in as solid as beef. Over there is a seasoning come it. Again, the isn’t overpowering. It is balanced. You can actually taste the meat top top this burger. It does have the fire grilled taste, too. Herman confirm the website, and he doesn’t see any fake exhilaration flavor added. Us really think this IS flame grilled. This is good stuff, people.

And here is the best part…the burger chin is a decent size! The Whopper these days is tiny. There is hardly any kind of meat top top the burger. This chicken citizens is easily over dual the size of a Whopper burger. You can actually taste it v the toppings, uneven the Whopper. The toppings compliment the burger.

Overall, the flavors simply mix an extremely well.

In terms of value, it isn’t as well bad. The burger chin is $4.99 in our area. Appropriate now, citizens King is to run a deal whereby you can get two that them because that $5 (you can also mix and also match other choose sandwiches). Two of these for $5 is a pretty good deal. You would certainly be stuffed. Even when this deal is over, girlfriend can obtain the burger in a meal through fries and a drink for around $7.79. That isn’t bad for the size of the burger.

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Overall, we prefer this burger. Both of us would acquire it again, no question. We virtually never go ago to places for restricted time only deals. This one is an excellent enough to overcome the street for. Or even put down our beers for. WHAT?? go WE just SAY THAT????!!

We were ready to shit everywhere this one, people. However you won this time, burgess King. Well done.