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Semiotics. The science of reading signs. If this sentence argues a quite linear process, that is quite the contrary as indications are polysemic – open to multiple interpretations v their connotations (Chandler 2017).

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It’ll Blow her Mind away (2009)

The denotations and also connotations of burgess King’s 2009 minimal time promotion difficulty many contemporary day ideologies on the depiction of women, especially since 2009 to be the year the the chris Brown and also Rihanna domestic violence incident. The advertisement was deemed incredibly controversial because of it’s allusions to dental sex.

While the advertising is emphasising the new size and also “mind-blowing” flavour of the BK SUPER 7 INCHER in a food promotion; the denotations that the blonde woman through her mouth gaping in ~ the finish of a 7-inch burger clearly presents ladies in a sexist, objectifying light. If the imagery of the ads is evocative enough, the selection of wording further emphasise the notions of sex. These encompass “Yearn because that more’, ‘Seven Incher’, ‘Mind Blowing’ and in a more obvious feeling ‘It’ll Blow Your mental Away’.

It is clear that Burger King was trying come appeal come the ‘sex sells’ notion. In a study write-up on applied cognitive psychology, it verified that advertisements that had sexual contents were an ext prominent in the subjects memory (King et. Al., 2015). However, ~ above a semiotic evaluation of the advertisement, the consisted of offensive content has tainted the message of the advertisement and also has transformed it into a controversial conversation topic.

Also, side note: 2009 to be the year that kris Brown abused Rihanna, therefore girl power and female civil liberties were rather the focal length point. I cannot imagine this advertisement being as deliciously connoted together they anticipated.

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Horrible graphic of singer Rihanna’s confront after domestic attack by boyfriend chris Brown.

That ended on a distasteful note.

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