Representatives for the display took to its Facebook page on Thursday to check the news. “We room so proud of the stories we’ve been able come tell each season, specifically those concerned social justice,” castle said. “We’re likewise tremendously appreciative of the assistance we’ve got from our fans worldwide, and also are specifically grateful to the communities in Winnipeg and Selkirk, Manitoba, for being so welcoming to our crew.” (Source:

1/3 After four incredible seasons, we're happen our burden of reality story to its conclusion in tonight's collection finale. We space so proud of the stories we've been able to tell each season, specifically those concerned social justice.

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— BurdenofTruth (
tvburdenoftruth) march 18, 2021

3/3 as we close out our story, here's a look ago at load of truth over thelast 4 seasons. Https:// you,The load of reality family
#NameAir Dates
1River City Jan 28, 2021
2Breaking clues Feb 4, 2021
3From the end the Gloomy Rack Feb 11, 2021
4Scorched earth Feb 18, 2021
5Spirits in the Material human being Feb 25, 2021
6The Homecoming Mar 4, 2021
7Where the Shadows Lie waiting Mar 11, 2021
8Standing by calm Waters Mar 18, 2021

#NameAir Dates
1Crawford Chang Jan 8, 2020
2Wherever You go Jan 15, 2020
3No Fathers and Sons Jan 22, 2020
4Desperate measures Jan 29, 2020
5Crisis of faith Feb 5, 2020
6It takes a village Feb 12, 2020
7Name your Ghosts Feb 19, 2020
8Shelter indigenous the Storm Feb 26, 2020

#NameAir Dates
1Salesman, Cheats and Liars Jan 9, 2019
2The rabbit Hole Jan 16, 2019
3The Milk of human being Kindness Jan 23, 2019
4Guilty by association Jan 30, 2019
5Hungry, Cold & tired Feb 6, 2019
6Manic Street Preacher Feb 13, 2019
7Never face the Hangman Feb 20, 2019
8The appropriate Road Feb 27, 2019

#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jan 10, 2018
2The Ties That tie Jan 17, 2018
3Still Waters Jan 24, 2018
4Family Ties Jan 31, 2018
5Witch hunt Feb 28, 2018
6The devil in the Desert Mar 7, 2018
7Ducks top top the Pond Mar 14, 2018
8Hang with each other Mar 28, 2018
9Home come Roost Apr 4, 2018
10Cause in fact Apr 4, 2018

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Why execute the networks continue to publication these kind of mirrors while keeping trashy reality shows on? burden of fact has story lines the are really realistic to desire is going on appropriate now and also it bring to light how Native Americans room treated unjustly. Load of reality needs come continue.

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Please bring back burden of truth for season 5. It was a an excellent show that ns only freshly found and just got recorded up to uncover out it’s not coming back for another season. This present had exorbitant characters and also storylines. Ns thoroughly appreciated getting to watch them evolve and finally was happy to watch a present that verified so countless levels of worries without comes off together too much or transforming me off from city hall future episodes which I have actually done with a most TV shows.
Burden of truth is such an amazing show! ns love the story line and the characters, the present is very well created the plot always thickens fifty percent way through the season and you really never know what is going come happen. I very recommend this show! i really really hope they gain picked for season 5!