Some figures in popular society come and also go prefer a shoot comet in the sky but leave no less of an affect on our lives, even if us haven’t believed of them in years. That the dozens the rock-n-roll bands the hit the radio in the post-Nirvana tide of the at an early stage 1990s, blind Melon is among the more seminal and sentimental, in no small component thanks come the memorable hit single “No Rain” and its equally memorable video featuring the delightful bee Girl. The self-titled debut album and also the solitary were large hits, through the previous reaching #3 top top the Billboard 200 Album charts and also the latter hitting #1 ~ above both the Mainstream absent Tracks and modern-day Rock Tracks. Though lead singer Shannon Hoon’s unfortunate and also untimely fatality of a medicine overdose in 1995 ensured that the tape would never reach those heights again, both the record and the song have actually been cemented in popular culture — to say naught of the charming bee Girl.In that heyday, the bee Girl was simply as famous as the band, if not much more so. In fact, you could say she managed to walk viral even though the web wasn’t yet ubiquitous. From the minute she showed up in the video’s opening seconds, she came to be an overnight star, and practically instantly became a symbol for outcasts, outsiders, and also individualists looking for belonging. Like many human being of a specific age when the video was obtaining ample airtime top top MTV, we’ve regularly wondered around the punishment Girl, who she yes, really was, and where she is now. Right here are a couple of facts about the woman behind the costume.


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The punishment Girl’s surname is heather DeLoach. She to be born in February 1983, which means she was about 9 year old as soon as she showed up in the “No Rain” video and tap-danced right into the understanding of whole generation.

2. if Heather shows up in the renowned video, she is no the same human on the cover of remote Melon’s self-titled debut album. That human is Georgia Graham, who happens to it is in the younger sister of blind Melon drummer glen Graham. You can now get this classic 90’s document on vinyl!

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3. Pearl Jam wrote and also recorded song about her. “Bee Girl” was released top top Lost Dogs, a 2003 arsenal of b-sides and also outtakes. V lyrics like “Becoming a star will become your doom,” that sympathetic come Heather’s suddenly fame, if not exactly uplifting.

4. heather reprised her punishment Girl role in the 1993 video clip for monster Al Yankovic’s “Bedrock Anthem.” Curiously, the tune doesn’t parody remote Melon but two hit Red hot Chili Pepper singles: “Give that Away” and also “Under the Bridge.”

5. Music videos aren’t Heather’s only acting credits. According to IMDB, she’s appeared in episodes of ER, Tracey Ullman’s Tracey take away On… and also the short-lived Judith Light automobile Phenom. She additionally appeared in Camp Nowhere (1994) through Christopher Lloyd, Wayne Wang’s Anywhere but Here (1999) starring Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman, and also I’ll do Anything (1994), directed by James L. Brooks. Most recently, she remained in a 2008 episode of Reno 911.

6. heather attended the university of California, Fullerton and also is now married with a daughter. According to her facebook fan web page (which you are invited to like), she is quiet in touch through the band and also they also sent she a remote Melon onesie for she daughter.

7. Inspiringly, she has taken on her past duty as the bee Girl from more than 25 years earlier and is really proud that her place in famous culture. “People come approximately me all the time with stories around how I adjusted their childhood and got them v a challenging time of no being accepted,” she called NME in 2016. In June 2020, she post on Facebook and shared the affect being the bee Girl has had on her life, writing:

The “No Rain” music video clip delivered such a an effective message. It has made an impact in so numerous lives and also has left one everlasting impression on hearts anywhere the world. The bee girl was different, she no feel embraced by others. She was laughed at till she cried off stage. She went searching for acceptance. She discovered her ar of various other bees with the beautiful gates and also she feel pure joy. She feeling love and also community. She story forever adjusted me.

8. on October 15, 2020, Heather showed up on the FOX present “I can See her Voice,” performing Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U to be Gone” to an excited audience and also panel that judges. The show consisted of a segment that Heather’s life today, and whatever friend think of her vocal abilities, it’s quiet a expedition to see her in the bee costume every grown up.

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It’s every too easy to i disbanded one-hit wonders and also flash-in-the-pans for never matching their biggest success, however it’s far better and healthy to identify the optimistic contribution these world make come our mutual zeitgeist. Scrolling with Heather’s society media yields many comments native people about how the bee Girl offered them picture of unconditional acceptance during a time in your lives once they felt prefer outcasts. That downright inspiring and endearing to watch Heather take together satisfaction in all this more than two decades later, and also it’s a lesson countless of us can learn from.

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