A SCHOOLGIRL who hung herself committed suicide after being bullied because that months over she autism and race, according to her ravaged family.

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Little Isabella confidence Tichenor, 10, was discovered dead by her mom Brittany Tichenor-Cox last week after telling her mom that she loved her.




Izzy's grandad Gregory Tichenor stated 'nothing to be done' about the bullyingCredit: Gregory Tichenor

The youngster - who had actually autism - had actually told her household she to be being bullied at Foxboro primary school School in Utah - but they say they to be ignored ~ raising involves to teachers.

Izzy's grandad Gregory Tichenor said The Sun: "My daughter saw the teacher and also she went to the principal and also nothing to be done.

"This has been walk on because that months and nothing was done.

"It to be both verbal and physical."

The Davis school District told neighborhood outlets lock "take all incidents and also reports the bullying seriously."

"Foxboro Elementary has worked generally with the family and also will proceed to carry out help come them and others impacted by this tragedy."



"At this point, the incident we are aware of involved an additional student. The teacher and management responded quickly and also appropriately.

"As through all allegations the bullying, our examination will continue," lock added.

The Sun has actually contacted the Davis school District for comment.

It to be recently put under supervision after ~ a report found it was "deliberately indifferent" to racial harassment.

The room of justice report said: "We uncovered that the ar was deliberately indifferent come the racially hostile climate in plenty of of that schools."

Gregory added: "Izzy to be a beautiful child.

"She took pleasure in the playground and also being with family. She to be close to her 5 siblings.

"She had told her mommy she love her and also she love god and also that was the last time they spoke. Climate she to be found."

Izzy's mother Brittany told KUTV: "As any kind of parent would, us reported this abuse to her teachers, the college administration, and the district administration.

"Nothing. Nothing was done to defend Izzy. Kids did not have actually their habits corrected therefore the torment the this child continued day ~ day.

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"I didn’t know she thought like that."

Gregory claimed the institution are "known for" skipping bullying and racism claims. He stated allegations the Izzy was dubbed the n-word were also ignored.

He added: "We think this was racially motivated. This is what lock do. This is their do up but it needs to change."

A GoFundMe "to carry out Izzy with the most beautiful celebration of life" has actually raised much more than $34,000 together of Tuesday afternoon.

"We want to raise awareness the this problem. You know, i was bullied . Some youngsters just don't come out of that," Gregory added.

He said: "We should talk come our children.

"Life is short, we must make the ideal of it.

Izzy 'enjoyed the playground and also being v family', she grandad saidCredit: Gregory Tichenor

If friend or who you recognize is impacted by any type of of the worries raised in this story, speak to the nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline in ~ 800-273-TALK (8255) or text dilemm Text line at 741741.

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