Actor Zack Ward, that played the menacing neighborhood bully, opened up to around what the was choose to movie the 1983 holiday classic.

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"A Christmas Story" has many iconic moments: Flick"s tongue grounding to the flagpole, the arrival of the "fra-jee-lay" leg lamp, and of course, Ralphie"s climactic loss over nemesis Scut Farkus.

Actor Zack Ward, who played the menacing community bully, opened up up to around what the was like to film the 1983 vacation classic.


Flashback! 'A Christmas Story' gibbs Zack Ward talks playing Scut Farkus

Dec. 19, 201703:13
“I gain recognized together Scut Farkus fairly a bit," Ward, currently 47, revealed. "I kind of look at very comparable to just how I did when I was a kid; ns don’t know if it is a great or bad thing. The best part of it, to be honest, is that the way people speak to me is that I’m your long-lost uncle the they haven’t viewed in ages and they’re just so happy to adopt and welcome back into the family. I’ve never met this people, however they type of law me prefer Norm indigenous ‘Cheers’ and also want to provide me a big hug.”

One the Scut"s hallmarks — in addition to his "yellow eyes" and also signature coonskin cap — was his evil laugh, therefore we had to recognize whether it took a most practice come perfect.

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“That was simply me being a creepy small kid," Ward explained. "That came naturally. I think ns still have actually that if ns watch a funny movie.”

He also clarified, “My eyes are green. I never had yellow eyes; it was just constantly the power of the narration.”

Of all Scut"s taunts, Ward stated his favourite is "say "uncle."" "It’s the summary of every single bully," that said. "And ‘cry, crybaby, cry.’ That’s just the best.”


And as for the renowned fight scene through Ralphie (Peter Billingsley), Ward assured, “They don’t let kids just beat each various other in the challenge on camera. It is not exactly how the film sector works."

However, the continued, "There was a danger element to it due to the fact that he had these things called idiot strings. That’s once you had actually string that ran through your jacket and held your mittens on, so you didn’t lose them. And also so as soon as he’s punching me, he’s absent me. However the mittens room slapping the crap the end of me and also they’re frozen solid, so as soon as you view bright red cheeks, it is me gift slapped top top camera. So yeah, the was a many fun.”

Ward likewise has fond memory of the Parker family members home, in Cleveland, Ohio, wherein the movie was shot.

“We checked out go visit collection one day, me and also my mom. And there to be no eye in Cleveland. The was totally dry, and also I’m sure everybody the end there that knows what cold, dead grass looks favor — it’s brown and also gross, and lots of garbage bags floating approximately Cleveland earlier in the day. And we turn around the corner and the house, the ‘Christmas Story’ house, is absolutely covered in fake snow. And the tree has gained icicles glistening from every single leaf or bough or branch."

"It was the first time i really witnessed movie magic and also it simply took mine breath away," stated Ward, who still action (recent credits incorporate "American horror Story" and also "It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia") and additionally serves as CEO of worldwide Sports financial Exchange. "Even to this day, it’s among my favourite memories.”

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