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UPDATED 1:45 p.m. Through details around elk and salvaged meat. Update 2:30 p.m. With price quotes from landowner Joe Lenz.

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WILDLIFE -- Wow, speak about powerful stories: 2 bull elk died after a bloody struggle in i beg your pardon both to be gored multiple times, their antlers got locked and they ended up tangled in a barbed wire residential or commercial property fence, according to news reports from phibìc Idaho.

One bull passed away from injuries sustained in the struggle, including a possible broken neck, and the larger one was in such bad shape it had to be placed down through a residential or commercial property owner. Dawna Lenz called the Coeur d'Alene push the elk to be spotted first thing Friday morning on she 410-acre residential or commercial property up Alder Creek close to Wolf Lodge.

"People native Coeur d'Alene come out right here all the moment to watch the elk," Lenz called the newspaper Monday. "We normally in the morning have anywhere between 40 and 80 head, and also then again in the afternoon at certain times of the year"

Contacted this afternoon, Wayne Wakkinen, regional wildlife manager because that the Idaho Fish and Game department said:

With the help of the landowners and also their tractors, Idaho Fish and Game had the ability to salvage 1,017 pounds that meat indigenous the 2 bulls and deliver "one hell of a pickup-load of protein" to the area food bank.The antlers likewise were salvaged and also will be available to the general public the spring auction IFG holds each feather somewhere in the state to offer wildlife skins and parts staffers collection in the course of their enforcement and conservation work.One that the elk, which was dead in the battle, was a six-by-six point bull around 7-8 year old.The larger of the two elk, which to be still alive however had to be euthanized, to be a 6-by-8-point bull approximately 4 years old.

The antlers weren't locked, but they to be tangled and also tied together in the barbed wire together the 2 bulls fought. Joe Lenz said about a tenth that a mile the four-strand fence to be damaged in the battle.

"I've lived right here all my life and also never seen anything remotely prefer that," claimed Lenz, a rancher. "All four strands were damaged in the stretch, therefore they take it out around a quarter mile that fence total. I'd say there was a bout 50 pounds of wire tangled in your antlers alone.

"They were big animals, more than likely 1,200 pounds or more on the hoof apiece. They to be bigger than most any hunter would take in a lifetime."

Dawna Lenz claimed some civilization have wonder if the landowners gained to store the meat.

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"We're therefore happy the so much meat is going to the needy," she said. "'No,'" i tell people, us didn't obtain the meat, yet Joe acquired to keep the mess!"


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