by JEFF ADELSON and also JESSICA WILLIAMS | Staff writers Mar 30, 2021 - 7:25 afternoon Mar 30, 2021 - 7:25 afternoon

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Photos: difficult Rock Hotel site reduced to rubble together crews scrape up debris

The tough Rock Hotel building site fell down in Oct. 2019, killing Anthony Floyd Magrette, Jose Ponce Arreola and also Quinnyon Wimberly.

The early days that the demolition were significant by a cautious procedure of choose apart the top floors in search of the bodies of Jose Ponce Arreola and also Quinnyon Wimblerly. Lock were ultimately recovered and also returned to your families. The human body of the 3rd victim, Anthony Magrette, who was killed when the top floors fell, was recovered soon after.

When City Hall first greenlit the demolition last year, to represent of 1031 Canal Street breakthrough LLC, the team behind the job led by Mohan Kailas, said they supposed the website would be clean by the very first anniversary that the please in October 2020. Months later, with portions of the structure still standing on the site, 1031 Canal attorney Stephen Dwyer stated the team expected the website to be clearing by the end of February 2021.

Dwyer did no respond Tuesday to a request to comment on the present timeline. And also when asked because that an upgrade on the demolition Tuesday, mayor LaToya Cantrell"s interactions director, Beau Tidwell, said the “short answer” was that things “are walk well, but they space not done.”

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Workers scrape up rubble and place into trucks in ~ the hard Rock Hotel site in new Orleans, Tuesday, march 30, 2021. The difficult Rock Hotel constr…