If you’ve ever been to Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, climate you recognize that there’s several fun come be had actually on the planet Batuu.

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Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

You can fight against the very first Order on increase of the Resistance or satisfy a lifelong dream and fly the Millennium Falcon. As far as food goes, girlfriend have good quick service choices like Ronto Roasters and also Docking bay 7, and if you’re thirsty, you have the right to stop through Oga’s Cantina or the Milk Stand. And if you’ve always want to build a lightsaber like a Jedi, you have the right to do that also — however, it looks choose you may need to conserve up a little extra!

For the can be fried lightsaber-building experience, guests deserve to make a preventive at Savi’s Workshop. Here, girlfriend can pick your kyber decision color and also construct your own lightsaber hilt similar to the Jedi and Sith do! This experience provided to be $199 plus tax per person, yet this morning we spotted a price boost on Disney World’s website!


Now, building a lightsaber will certainly cost friend $219 plus taxes per person. V this price, a guest will gain to build one lightsaber, although lock do get to invite one other human being to watch. This suffer is nice popular, therefore if you desire to shot it out, you’ll desire to make her reservation 60 job in advance.

You can develop your saber but you’d like!

We reached out come a cast Member to clarify the details that this price change. Us were told that if you at this time have a Savi’s Workshop preventive (made prior to today) then you will be fee the old price top top arrival. If you make the reservation this day or later, you will certainly be paying the new, boosted price.


If you’re interested in what the lightsaber structure looks like, here’s a look in ~ our time structure a lightsaber in ~ Savi’s (pre-closure!).

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We’ll be looking the end for other price increases approximately Disney World, so stay tuned to znjke.com for the latest! We’ve acquired all the news straight from the parks and online.

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