Score big by offering Saber-toothed Tiger as a fun and also unique gift idea! This sporty striped tiger is prepared to hit the field running v its athletic uniform and also plush athletic shoes. It"s the perfect mascot gift or makes a funny surprise for any sports fan!

Make a wildly fun friendship with your very own Saber-toothed Tiger! This a-roar-able friend has actually yellow and white fur with blue stripes and also soft silver- claws. Offer your Saber-toothed Tiger a wild feeling of format by personalizing it through the outfits, sounds and scents of your choice.

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Stuff at the keep – Take your unstuffed furry friend to the Workshop to have actually fun stuffing it yourself!

A must-have for any kind of furry friend"s wardrobe. This classic white tee for stuffed animals goes great with any look!

These bear-sized black Athletic Shorts have a white stripe down the side. They room perfect for a sporty furry friend!

Make a fun plush sports gift by adding this BABW Plush Soccer sphere to a stuffed animal gift! The teddy bear size plush soccer sphere is the pawfect addition to a gift for a young soccer player.

Product attributesProduct NameSKU
Saber-toothed Tiger Athlete Gift SetBuild-A-Bear

Product attributesProduct NameSKUColorAdditional Information
Saber-toothed TigerBuild-A-Bear
Eye Color: BROWNFriend Height: 16in


A Build-A-Bear classic! her furry friend will arrive with a bear certificate and their very own Cub Condo.

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