Build-a-Bear has a birthday treat that your kiddos will certainly love! bring a birthday kid into a store throughout their birthday month and also “pay their age” because that a unique Birthday law Bear, plus special birthday fun! Safety procedures are in ar in keep to store everyone healthy.

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Read below for much more tips on just how to save money in ~ Build-a-Bear and also make the many of her experience.


While castle won’t have the ability to choose just any type of bear, they’ll have the ability to enjoy the experience throughout their many special month for less. The birthday Treat bear is various each year, for this reason if you’ve gone prior to it should be different the following year.

Add-on’s and clothing are extra, however if you save an eye top top the clearance section throughout the year, you have the right to grab part clothing and outfits because that the bears while they room discounted.

How to save money in ~ Build-a-Bear

Browse the sale and clearance part on the Build-A-Bear website. Numerous of the animals can be purchased un-stuffed and taken right into the store to stuff because that no extra charge (except optional accessories).

Animals that deserve to be purchased unstuffed will offer the alternative on the product page before you add it to your shopping bag. If the option for “unstuffed” isn’t listed, that animal will arrive pre-stuffed.

You can likewise purchase outfits and also accessories top top sale and also clearance and also save money on the whole experience. Simply let them know that you carried your very own bears and also outfits as soon as you acquire to the store.

We purchased be affected by each other “skins” and outfits online as soon as they were having a large sale, so when we took our son into the save for his date of birth Treat bear, his younger sister had the ability to fill and dress her own bear for no extra cost (minus the heartbeat add-in option, since we assumed that was really cool).


The Count your Candles date of birth Bear is only obtainable to Build-A-Bear Bonus society members. It’s totally free to authorize up for those 18 or order.

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Birthday kids can come right into the keep with a Bonus society member. Adults over the period of 18 have the right to sign increase to become a Bonus society members.