Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 best Fights In The Series, Ranked when it pertained to fights, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was constantly ready to litter down. However, only 10 battles deserve to be taken into consideration the best.

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Buffy,Faith, Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer had excellent character arcs and its characters experienced tremendous expansion over the years.

Buffy Summers was an day-to-day girl who ended up being the liked one who first had to come to be a fighter, climate a powerful leader everyone"s ready to follow. Buffy to be selfless, strong, beautiful, and fun. She quickly ended up being a TV show and feminist icon.

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Over the years Buffy had actually plenty that fights against vampires, demons, and also sometimes also her own friends. While she never ever backed the end from a fight she was always smart around it. She style and tactical moves changed over the years and also she came to be the most powerful and successful Slayer.

Sunday, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy met Sunday and also her gang during freshman year in UC Sunnydale. While normally Buffy would"ve dusted the typical vampires as result of her weakened mental state she acquired herself injured and also was barely maybe to obtain away alive.

Buffy had a hard time fitting in and finding she place during her an initial college year. However, even during her darkest times, she discovered ways to care for and also protect others. After among her schoolmates mysteriously dropped the end of college she started adhering to her hunch and also soon uncovered out that there space hundreds of youngsters suddenly dropping out of the university from sooner or later to another.

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Soon she found Sunday and also her team of vampires that were killing turn off students and simply making the look together if they chose to leaving school. After ~ Buffy obtained her butt kicked she eventually found her strength and also confidence again and also easily turned Sunday right into a heap of dust.

The Gentlemen, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
The Hush illustration was Buffy The Vampire Slayer"s creepiest episode. One morning Sunnydale residents woke up and also soon realized the everyone in town lost their voice.

No one knew what happened consisting of the Scooby Gang. The government made decision to shut down the totality town due to the fact that they suspected the there was an unknown virus at play. The Scooby Gang had to discover a method to connect then defeat their weirdest enemy.

Buffy adhered to The Gentlemen right into a residence where she bumped right into Riley. Together they to be able to damage the box wherein The Gentlemen hid everyone"s voice and also Buffy could destroy them v her scream.

Anya, Buffy The Vampire Killer
after ~ Xander left Anya in ~ the altar she to be heartbroken and furious. She made decision to turn ago into a vengeance demon and went ~ above a killing spree.

Soon Buffy and the Scooby Gang established that Anya is responsible for the deaths and also realized their only option is to death her. Xander determined to come ago and tried to stop Anya before Buffy can get to her yet he was as well late.

While Buffy and also Anya"s struggle was short it showed simply how an effective vengeance demons are. Your fight was interrupted D"Hoffryn who initially transformed Anyanka right into a demon.

7 Buffy vs Hell Demons

BUffy Anne, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
during season 3 Buffy had actually a difficult time managing Angel"s fatality especially because she had actually to kill him and also send him to hell.

She ran away and moved to Los Angeles wherein she live as a waitress and used her center name, Anne. While she did every little thing in her power to escape who she was, Buffy bumped into Chanterelle. Buffy very first met the girl when Chanterelle wanted to become a vampire and also was barely may be to conserve her from gift slaughtered by Spike and his gang.

First, Buffy denied who she was and didn"t want to help Chanterelle find her lacking boyfriend however eventually she chose to help. Soon she uncovered herself in another dimension"s hell where human being were supplied as slaves. Buffy finally realized that she might never escape that she was and also what her obligations were. What adhered to was among the most epic fight scene of the entire series.

Buffy and also Spike had plenty of fights over the years but their many memorable one was throughout daylight in the episode when Spike acquired the Gem of Amara.

It to be the very first time as soon as he could have was standing a chance versus the Slayer but due to the fact that of his overconfidence and Buffy"s wits, the fight to be short.

Buffy conveniently realized she only had to get the ring because that"s what maintained Spike invulnerable so she cut off his finger and took the ring. While this struggle wasn"t the most action-filled in the collection it was the funniest.

5 Buffy vs Ubervamp

Season seven introduced a brand-new race of vampires to Buffy fans, the Turok-Han or Ubervamp together the Scooby Gang dubbed them. Castle were an ancient breed the vampires who looked scarier, to be stronger, and also were mindless death machines.

A lot to be at stake since Buffy had to prove come the potential slayers that there was worth fighting and also they had actually a opportunity at winning. The fight to be brutal and also while the Ubervamp beat up Buffy badly she regulated to choking it through a wire.

This fight was memorable and an essential win due to the fact that it motivated and gave expect not simply to the potential slayers but to Buffy as well.

Glory was another dimension"s hell goddess who was banished to planet in a human form and determined to visit Sunnydale trying to find the key (aka Dawn).

The key was she only way to return to her dimension. While her human body made she weaker she was still one of the the strongest Buffyverse villains the Scooby corridor has ever had to fight against.

Glory seemed undefeatable even to Buffy. When Willow found a method to temporarily avoid her also she wasn"t able come cause any kind of harm to Glory. Thankfully, Giles smothered Ben when he died so go Glory.

3 Buffy vs Angelus

Buffy"s saddest and also most memorable hit was in between her and also Angelus aka Angel. Throughout season two Angel lost his soul and also turned earlier into Angelus again. That swore that wouldn"t remainder until that takes revenge top top Buffy for making the feel human being again.

While the injured willow took everything in her power to gain back Angel"s spirit it looked like they"re running the end of time. It was an amazing fight and most fans were excited to view if Buffy could defeat the an effective vampire. Because that a while, that looked favor Angelus was going to win however when Buffy lastly realized she had actually no time left she easily defeated him.

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Unfortunately, Angel"s spirit was revitalized just prior to he to be sucked into the hell dimension.

Buffy and also Faith began out their connection as friends and together they detailed some the the many hilarious moments in the series.

However, Faith might never truly to trust Buffy or any of the Scooby gang members and felt that they desire her come be someone she"s not. Belief turned evil and soon came to be the most dangerous rogue Buffy ever before had to face. Your fight was difficult for Buffy no only due to the fact that Faith to be a powerful and trained Slayer just like herself, but due to the fact that she still thought about Faith she friend.

Buffy finished up stabbing confidence who jumped turn off the roof and landed top top a relocating truck that drove off v her unconscious body. This fight and the truth that Buffy believed for a long while that she killed faith left a note on her.

1 Buffy vs Willow

Willow and also Buffy"s struggle was quick yet it changed everything forever. After ~ Tara"s sudden fatality Willow lost all control and also turned into "Evil Willow".

The remainder of the Scooby gang members tried to factor with her pointlessly. Willow came to be so powerful that not also Buffy was able to injure her.

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Willow"s change and your fight showed to fans that Buffy to be no longer the the strongest member that the Scooby Gang.