Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alyson Hannigan has revealed the she has actually a really random link to This Is Us.

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During a recent appearance on SiriusXM"s The Michelle Collins Show, the pasture Rosenberg actor notified the eponymous host, and also the broadcast"s listeners, that she and also her husband Alexis Denisof (Angel) on regular basis rent out their LA house to the time-hopping household drama.

"I think my house"s resume is probably longer than mine," she joked, explaining that as soon as they first moved right into the West coast property, castle learned the it was a favourite amongst local film and also TV productions, and also vowed to store it exclusive as they understand from experience just how reckless part crews can be. But, well, they wound up transforming their minds.


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"I would certainly say at least twice a month, gain requests since the residence is just known. And it turn out, our neighbour was the director, and also we to be like, "If us are ever going to perform it, us would perform it because that that show due to the fact that it"s for this reason good" and… long-running shows, the crews space always an extremely respectful," Hannigan said.

"Not only did they provide us our house back in exorbitant shape, they solved things the I had actually damaged," she laughed, talking about the upsides of your U-turn.

"So they were emotional up some paint or whatever, and there to be clearly, like, one of my kids" handprints top top a wall, and they"re like, "Would you choose us to carry out that as well?" and I"m like, "I understand that wasn"t native you, but yeah, thank you!"


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"So lock fixed damages that I had done," she continued.

"We"ve acquired a lot of wood or whatever, yet you can"t tape anything to it or that takes several of the stain off, and I didn"t understand that ~ above my very first Halloween, and I taped to this beautiful door. Ns forever see, like, tiny tape marks. No, they fixed that too! ns was like "You guys!""

Following the interview, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the real-life residence doubles together Kevin Pearson"s (Justin Hartley) remote gaff, the future house Rebecca (Mandy Moore) encourages him to develop in memory of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), which has been seen in multiple flashforward sequences across the last few seasons.

This Is Us airs top top NBC in the US. Periods 1 - 5 are obtainable to currently on Amazon Prime video clip in the UK.

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