There’s a brand-new face ~ above Married to Medicine’s seventh season, and also she’s proving that success doesn't need a white doctor’s coat. 

Viewers an initial met Buffie Purselle on the Sept. 29 episode, and though her husband is a well-known and respected Atlanta psychiatrist, the i was sure beauty is rich in her very own right. Here’s a quick development to the hardworking businesswoman.

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The TV personality is an initial and foremost a tax and personal finance experienced with her very own retail tax exercise in Atlanta, yet she’s additionally heavily affiliated in she husband's psychiatric practice.

"The couple who works together stays together," Buffie recently wrote ~ above Instagram next to a snapshot of the duo. The pair additionally operates a telemedicine exercise in mountain Juan, Puerto Rico, where they live for fifty percent the year.


Buffie and also David don’t have any kind of children, yet they do have actually two dogs, Louie and Prada, and also are extremely close come their 3 nephews: Jalen, Aiden, and Terrence.

The writer has described her hubby as her "best friend" and "the many kind and giving human being ever born." top top MTM, she openly gushed over she faithful spouse and also got a small TMI through the other ladies. 

"I take care of him 'cause I do tricks every night, therefore he be too exhausted to do anything else," she mutual after Heavenly do a joke about David and also the Purselles’ beautiful live-in house manager, Silvia. 

When the MTM ladies arrived at Buffie’s home for a Fab and also Frugal party, they to be wowed by its size. Among the women also said the it "smells like old money."


When Buffie remarked the she’s ~ above a budget, Toya teased, "Not once it concerns your house." The self-help book author replied, " on a spending plan within my income bracket."

In one on-camera confessional, Buffie said, "I would certainly say the my household is comfortable, not wealthy," prior to adding, "Of course wealthy civilization say comfortable."

Buffie and her husband’s exact net precious isn’t known, however the self-described "job creator" juggles multiple businesses on optimal of her accounting practice. 

The 41-year-old is the founder and managing member the Buffie, LLC, a small business administration firm. She additionally runs The creative Artist Group, a organization management and concierge business "for liven film and also TV creatives," as well as Crawl before You Ball, a an individual and business financial management company.


Plus, Buffie is no stranger come television. She’s appeared as a nationwide tax and an individual finance experienced on HLN, CNN, and CNBC. "I think i just can be the black, curvy, fabulous Marcus Lemonis-in-the-making," she quipped in a 2017 interview, referring to the high-powered CEO precious $900 million.

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The philanthropist is a third-generation taxation practitioner. "My grandmother started the business," she defined on MTM. "When she married mine grandfather, they to be sharecroppers. And also my grandmother obtained a job, conserved money, and bought a entirety bunch the land. She’s choose the original, serial entrepreneur."

No wonder Buffie is such a badass! Watch new episodes the Married to Medicine Sundays in ~ 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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