Buffalo Wild Wings has actually been a favorite of mine due to the fact that my college days once friends and I could eat as many wings together we might handle on a Tuesday night. I never ever cared what sport was playing due to the fact that the goal was to score as countless wings as I can eat under $10. Currently the franchise has actually come up through a brand-new spin ~ above their cost-free wings nights by offering the brand-new Boneless Thursdays – buy one obtain one cost-free on boneless chicken wings. One extra day per week with discounted wing is a “win” because that wing-lovers everywhere.

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Mid-Week soup Deals

Buffalo Wild wing ran your Buy One get One totally free Wings unique on Tuesdays because that over three decades prior to retiring it and rolling out various other promotions. This to be a major disappointment come fans everywhere who took their grievances the end via society media. After 2 years of fans requesting BWW bring earlier their complimentary wings Tuesdays, the franchise restored their BOGO traditional wings special. 


Surely to make up for those lost BOGO years, Buffalo Wild Wings just rolled out their brand-new promo Boneless Thursdays. Together of January 2020, now you can enjoy boneless juicy all-white chicken wing at the same low price of purchase one obtain one free. You have the right to choose any kind of of your 22 sauces or 5 dried rubs, and you deserve to order them in any type of size – snack, small, medium, or large. It feels choose this bring the weekend just a small closer. 


This transaction is available to customers dining in at every Buffalo Wild Wings sporting activities bar locations. Some locations may likewise offer this unique for takeout orders, but you’ll desire to inspect with your neighborhood restaurant to be sure. 

Photo native Buffalo Wild Wings

More than 20 Signature sauces to pick From

The Boneless Thursday promo is not valid with other offers, which means you can not order the wings as a combo meal and also still obtain the BOGO deal. Yet that’s yes – you have the right to order her variation the taste and also heat by choosing any kind of of Buffalo Wild Wings’ 22 sauces that will have actually you smilin’, sizzlin’, or screamin’! there is a five-wing every sauce minimum, so I choose to pick a mild, medium, and also hot smell option and dig in. 

Sweet BBQSalt and also Vinegar SeasoningTeriyakiBourbon love husband MustardLemon Pepper SeasoningMildParmesan GarlicHoney BBQMediumChipotle BBQ SeasoningSpicy GarlicBuffalo SeasoningsAsian ZingDesert warmth SeasoningJammin JalapenoThai CurryCaribbean JerkHot BBQHotMango HabaneroWildBlazin

Buffalo Wild Wings additionally offers five dry rubs.

Salt and VinegarLemon PepperChipotle BBQBuffalo Desert Heat

What’s is Boneless Thursday?

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Boneless Thursday is the same deal as their BOGO distinct that’s operation on Tuesdays, except on Thursdays, the promotion is for your boneless wings, instead of their classic bone-in wings. You deserve to purchase any kind of size and receive a second order the equal size or smaller sized for free. The snack size comes with at the very least 7 boneless wings, the tiny order comes v at least 10, the tool order comes with at the very least 15, and the big order comes through at the very least 20. Some boneless wings are a little small, so you may gain a couple of more than supposed – dual win. Yet are castle as an excellent as the classic wings?


1. Taste and also Texture <4/5>

Not all wings are produced equal. The structure of the boneless wing is a bit different from Buffalo Wild Wings’ classic bone-in wings. Boneless wings have a heavier breaded batter than traditional wings, and they don’t have that fun peel-off-the-bone bite to them, which is many of the fun in eat wings. 

The chicken itself is all-white, juicy, breaded, and crispy if you order v a dry rub. You deserve to eat every boneless wing in a bite or two, but they taste an ext like a chicken nugget than a wing. If you desire your boneless wing to taste an ext like classic wings, you deserve to do what ns did and also order them with buffalo sauces and a side of blue cheese. 

Buffalo Wild wings offers five dry rubs, i m sorry are more like powdery seasonings coated on optimal of crispy breaded batter. They range in heat from a an extremely mild Salt and also Vinegar rub to a spicy Desert warmth with smoky and also sweet pepper flavors. 

Boneless wings are not together crispy as soon as served with any type of of the signature sauces, which is fine through me. Ns love a sauce-soaked wing, even if ns can’t choose it off the bone. 


2. Room they Healthy? <2/5>

Wings room fried and usually extended with deliciously fatty sauces, do them few of the much more unhealthy alternatives at Buffalo Wild Wings. The boneless wings are breaded and fried, and also each three-piece serving has 150 calories and 10 grams the fat. One means to store the fat and cholesterol levels under is by opting the end of the signature sauces and choosing a dry obstacle instead. 

You could also order the naked Tenders, which room grilled tenders that aren’t breaded or fried. However, castle aren’t consisted of in the Boneless Thursday deal. To make them taste good, you’d have to dunk castle in the sauce anyway, so friend might too take the deal and also run turn off the calories Friday.  

3. Room they precious it? <4/5>

Buffalo Wild Wings currently has decent prices, so i don’t mind eating there any kind of day of the week. For Boneless Thursdays, the deal is even sweeter because you can essentially eat for half the price or eat double as numerous for the very same price. Any method you look at it, the price value is ~ above point. 

Photo native Buffalo Wild Wings

If you like to eat her wings with a fork, save some napkins and skip the toothpicks climate – Boneless Thursdays space the perfect transaction for you. 

Boneless wing are likewise much much easier if girlfriend have tiny children with you because these room basically favor chicken nuggets. You might order any type of of the an ext mild sauce such together Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki, love husband Mustard, Mild, or Parmesan Garlic. Friend could additionally order a soft dry rub such together Lemon Pepper.

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Final Verdict

Buffalo Wild wing Boneless Thursdays is a new promotion, so that hasn’t had actually time to live up to its BOGO wing Tuesday, however it’s catching on. For me, I favor bone-in wing – the suffer is more fun, messier, and much more hands-on. But my children prefer boneless wings, i m sorry is fine with me – ns only need to clean up my mess.


Boneless wing Nutrition

Buffalo Wild wing issued a declare on their allergen guide page about their food ready procedures. Because of their shared cooking and prep areas, they aren’t able to get rid of the risk of cross-contacting food items. Therefore, they can not guarantee or certify the any details menu items is totally free of any type of allergen, and also no items room certified as gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan. 

6 count Boneless Wings, include Signature Sauce or dried Seasoning 

360 calorie 19 g Fat 7 g saturation Fat 1 g trans Fat 85 mg the Cholesterol 1260 mg sodium 20 g carbs 1 G Fiber 0 g sugar 29 g Protein

You can examine the complete nutrition guide with Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature sauce here. 

Are friend Wingin’ It?

Tell us, have actually you do the efforts Buffalo Wild Wings’ Boneless Thursday? Or do you stick come the timeless bone-in Tuesday special? carry out you have a favourite sauce or dry obstacle for either wing option? we’d love to hear it in the comments below.